Take a look at young Angela Deem tearing up her granddaughter’s TikTok video. She looks so adorable in her easy-to-air maxi dress!

Michael Ilesanmi’s wife and ex 90 day fiancé: happily ever after? Star Angela Deem is living her best life right now. She has lost so much excess weight and is now enjoying time with her brave grandchildren. A 90 day fiancé The fan page recently posted an entertaining video on TikTok of Angela dancing with her granddaughter. It is clear that America’s favorite “meemaw“He has lost a significant amount of weight. He feels young and is playful with the little ones. He is taking dance steps like his grandson.

During the 90 day fiancé: happily ever after? It counts everything, Angela told the show’s host Shaun Robinson that she has gained 20 pounds amid the coronavirus pandemic. She hinted at the possibility of having weight loss surgery and losing around 100 pounds of weight. It appears the Georgia native is done with the procedure because she has been flaunting a slim figure on her Instagram posts. Some fans also speculate that along with bariatric surgery, Angela also underwent plastic surgery on her chest because she looks so much smaller than before.

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Whatever cosmetic treatment Angela chose, it seems that it worked in her favor. Fans are leaving positive comments when she shows off her slimmest appearance on social media. The former TLC star feels so good in her body that she recently danced with her granddaughter. In the video, the 90 day fiancé: happily ever after? fans can see London dancing for the first time in the video for Becky G’s song “Shower. “Angela got on TikTok and did the exact same dance moves as her grandson. She’s wearing a long off-the-shoulder dress and white spaghetti strap. Check out the adorable dance move she does to match the song. Lyrics, “I always seem to smile.“Here is the video re-posted by 90 day fiancé call fan page 90 day fiancé now on IG with the legend “Dancing with Meemaw !!!“:

Most fans are impressed and shocked to see Angela’s slimmer appearance in the video. They commented things like “Angela looks great, “”How sweet, and look how much weight you have lost!“Y”Angela lost a lot of weight !!!!“Others found the TikTok video super cute and said”Aw Aw beautiful grandbaby and meemaw.

If Angela, 55, underwent the popular weight loss procedure, bariatric surgery, she will continue to lose weight for months to come. And this surgery not only helps you lose weight, but also relieves depression and joint pain and improves fertility. the 90 day fiancé: happily ever after? Former student Angela may spend a great deal on her surgery, but it all seems to be worth it.

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