A ‘paranormal activity’ reboot comes from the creators of ‘Underwater’ and ‘Freaky’

the Paranormal activity The movies, a low-budget series of found-footage that started out as a low-budget miracle of inventive scares before becoming an ultra-lucrative franchise for Paramount and Blumhouse, is getting fresh blood. For him Hollywood Reporter, Paranormal activity is getting a new reboot to be released in 2022. The core of your creative team? A pair of successful, fresh and intriguing horror filmmakers.

Directing the Paranormal activity will be Will eubank, who most recently led the Kristen Stewart underwater thriller called, well, Submarine, and also directed the intriguing low-budget sci-fi fever dream The signal. And write the script will be Christopher Landon, most recently known for writing and directing the horror comedy hybrids Happy death day Y Rare. Landon has been a writer and director at the Paranormal activity franchise since the second installment, and he is not the only veteran who returns to give him fresh blood (or as sources put it, an “unexpected restructuring”, although it has been confirmed that he will maintain the presumption of the images found). Jason blum and franchise creator Pray game return as producers along with executive producer Steven Schneider.


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The last time we had a high profile franchise reboot / legacy modifier of a low budget found footage horror was Adam Wingardfrom 2016 witch, a film that had objectively intriguing cinematic techniques and time-bending surrealism, but which expanded the focus of the original too far beyond the point of efficacy. I hope Eubank doesn’t plan to explode Paranormal activity in a similar way, but I also hope that Landon can mess with some of the genre conventions of the franchise, as he’s been doing it expertly in his own directing work. After all, we haven’t had a wide release of horror comedy images since A haunted house. And franky? That movie is underrated.

the Paranormal activity The reboot is scheduled for March 4, 2022.

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