Afro Samurai – Resurrection: The 10 Best Quotes From The Movie

the Afro Samurai The miniseries that debuted in 2007 was too good to finish after just five episodes. Anime fans should be careful before diving headfirst into the world of Afro Samurai. Both the miniseries and the sequel film are as gory as they are sexually explicit, meaning viewers can feel embarrassed in a way they’ve never seen Afro work his way through the plot before. Still, this dark and gritty reinvention of the anime genre is a masterpiece that deserves some recognition.

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In 2009, Afro Samurai: Resurrection released as a made-for-television movie. The plot continues after Afro claimed number one headband and is filled with as many fight scenes and witty lines as the original series. Samuel L. Jackson returns as Afro and Ninja Ninja, which means that viewers can rest easy knowing that the dialogue in this film is excellent.

10 “Your forehead is huge, buddy, that’s a four times four forehead.”

Afro meets with Ninja Ninja _ Afro Samurai Ressurection

Ninja Ninja is one of the only cheerful characters in the world of Afro Samurai. The white-haired ninja follows Afro and gives viewers a chance to enter the mind of the stoic Samurai. No Ninja Ninja, Afro Samurai: Resurrection it would be little more than an overly dramatic and overtly serious melodrama about revenge.

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When Ninja Ninja finally appears in the film, he brings with him a sense of humor that Afro lacks. This quote is one of the first moments in the film that will have viewers laughing out loud as Samuel L Jackson’s voice taunts the tortured samurai.

9 “None of you know anything. What’s the use of killing him?”

Sio _ Afro Samurai Ressurection

When Afro returns to the world and starts looking for headband number two again, it is clear that he has quite a terrible reputation. Every casual thug and his brother want to satisfy their lust for revenge by killing the Afro Samurai. However, there is a thug who sees through the cloudy glasses of revenge.

Revenge is such a common theme in the world of Afro Samurai that often seems to be the only available line of reasoning. When this thug speaks up and offers peace instead of revenge, it’s a refreshing turn of events that’s hard to miss.

8 “Watch your mouth. Because I’m going for my dad.”

Afro Samurai _ Afro _ Movie

Afro is a character who prefers to let his actions replace his words. Still, the samurai drops the odd gem from time to time.

Most of the time Afro talks, he tells his imaginary friend Ninja Ninja to shut up. It seems that the only words Afro knows how to pronounce are those that undermine the confidence of those around him. When Afro utters the quote in question, it becomes very clear that the confident words Sio mocks him with are nothing more than an obstacle that Afro will overcome at the end of the film.

7 “Afro, maybe you should kill this guy for lying too. This stew sucks.”

Afro and Ninja Ninja _ Afro Samurai Resurrection

During Afro’s search for headband number two, he stops inside for a bite to eat after saving Shichigoro’s son. The Ronin who currently owns headband number two seems to appreciate the hospitality of the shop owners, even if their food is unsatisfactory.

When Afro finally tastes the stew himself, Ninja Ninja responds with a funny phrase that eases the tension that builds up between Afro and Shichigoro. It’s moments like these that make viewers appreciate the sense of humor that Ninja Ninja brings to the table.

6 “It’s just a piece of cloth, you idiot.”

Ronin _ Number Two _ Resurrection of the Afro Samurai

The Ronin wearing diadem number two is called Shichigoro. This man is a pure-hearted warrior that Afro learns to respect just before assassinating him. Before facing the Afro Samurai, Shichigoro worked tirelessly to conceal headband number two from the public. By hiding the cloth, the Ronin hoped to end the endless bloodshed sparked by legends.

Although Shichigoro’s attempts to end the bloodshed are unsuccessful, he makes a good point with his words here. Why are so many people willing to die for a couple of pieces of cloth?

5 “Don’t get it! We are walking the devil’s path again. It is not the right path!”

afro samurai the movie

The Ninja Ninja character works more or less like Afro’s consciousness in the Afro Samurai franchise. As Afro walks forward with a conviction that prevents him from considering the impact his actions have on the world around him, Samuel L. Jackson’s voice explains the reality of the situation out loud for both Afro and viewers to hear.

After Afro defeats Shichigoro and takes headband number two, Ninja Ninja uses these words to explain exactly what just happened. Even if the epic fight scene between Samurai and Ronin might have fooled some into thinking that Afro is an anime hero, this quote makes it clear that he is indeed a villain.

4 “He’s like a brother.”

Afro and Jinno _ Brothers

Jinno’s character was largely overlooked in the original miniseries to develop Afro as a character. The cyborg seeking revenge served as a powerful contrast to Afro, but he didn’t get a chance to develop in his own right until Afro Samurai: Resurrection.

During a flashback that gives viewers a bit more context on the film’s antagonist Sio, fans get a chance to see just how strong the bond between Afro and Jinno really is. This moment humanizes the vengeful cyborg in a way that will make even the most cynical viewers smile.

3 “Wow, take a look at it, that’s justice! You know you never asked for directions on the road.”

Ninja Ninja perched on a cross

Ninja Ninja talks a lot throughout the Afro Samurai movie and miniseries that viewers can ignore without even giving much thought to what it says. That doesn’t mean that his words lack a deeper meaning, just that they are easy to miss.

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This quote earns its merit from the fact that others have already talked about the way Afro killed Justice to earn the number one headband. Once viewers consider the double meaning behind the word justice, this quote takes on a deep meaning that will make fans contemplate the true weight of everything Ninja Ninja says.

2 “I must protect everyone. Including my brother, Afro.”

Jinno facing Afro _ Afro Samurai

Jinno’s biggest character flaw in the original miniseries came from the oath he took to protect his dojo while ignoring the fact that Afro was a member of this dojo. This flaw could easily be ruled out because Afro was somewhat responsible for the deaths of all the students that Jinno swore to protect. Also, it’s easy to ignore a villain’s character inconsistencies because it’s these hypocrisies that make him a villain.

To redeem Jinno and bring viewers to tears, the creators of Afro Samurai: Resurrection It gave Jinno a chance to save his brother and live up to the words he swore in the original miniseries. It’s a powerful moment that fans are sure to remember.

one “How have you been, princess?”

Jinno _ Sio _ Afro _ Afro Samurai Resurrection

Even if nothing in Afro Samurai: Resurrection Forcing viewers to wipe away the tears that collect from the edges of their eyes, this quote is sure to test viewers’ stoicism. Like Afro, fans of adult action series like Afro Samurai They have probably adopted a stoic demeanor that allows them to sit for hours of dark and gritty content without shedding a tear.

However, the moment when Jinno lies down next to his little sister and says these words is different. Jinno and Sio’s sacrifice is tragic and moving. It might even motivate viewers to consider answering this question themselves.

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