Most movie lovers will agree that Alejandro G. Iñárritu created two masterpieces with Birdman and The Revenant. But which movie do you think is better?

Alejandro G. Iñárritu The reborn Y Bird man Both were hugely successful and are often considered among the best films of the 21st century. Both were praised by critics, won a lot at the box office, and even won several Academy Awards, including Best Director for both.

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But even though the two films are quite different from each other, fans keep comparing them and trying to figure out which one is superior, or even which of the two is Iñárritu’s best. To determine this, it is necessary to look at each of its aspects one at a time.

10 The Revenant: Leading Actor Is Most Outstanding

Michael Keaton does an amazing job playing Riggan Thomson in Bird man, but Leonardo DiCaprio’s Hugh Glass in The reborn it just stands out more.

Both characters have to go through incredible hardships in their own way, but even in the end, they don’t quite succeed. It’s obvious that the two actors would be celebrated for their performances, and they were, but DiCaprio won more awards compared to Keaton, which just goes to show that his performance stood out more.

9 Birdman: the plot is more entertaining

Michael Keaton in Birdman

But even though the main characters have to go through many challenges, it is Bird man that excels when it comes to plotting while The reborn seems to be missing a bit in this department.

In Bird man, there are constant twists and turns while The reborn The story seems to be more linear and determined, with no big surprises on the way.

8 The Revenant: Supporting Actor Does an Exceptional Job

Although Leonardo DiCaprio was celebrated for his performance, many noted how good Tom Hardy was in his own role in The reborn like John Fitzgerald.

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His character feels like someone who could betray the entire team at any moment if it benefited him, and that’s exactly what he does. And yet his actions remain largely unpredictable to the viewer.

7 Birdman: The supporting actress does an equally good job

That said, the supporting actor in Bird man, Emma Stone, does an equally good job of her own role as Riggan’s daughter Sam.

His frustration with his father and his own past addiction is perfectly recognizable in his every action. It also seemed that critics believed that Emma Stone did a compelling performance, and that the actress earned her first Oscar nomination.

6 The Revenant: Cinematography Is More Exciting

the reborn leonardo dicaprio

Thanks to the efforts of cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki, both films look incredibly good. He manages to contain the signature look of the Iñárritu films while also making the two films special in their own way.

Although it is definitely difficult to choose between the two, the cinematography in The reborn it feels more exciting. Bird man immerses the audience in his world, but The reborn thrills viewers with her camera work.

5 Birdman: The score is absolute gold

Another important part of both films is the music, which helps put the audience in the right frame of mind and serves as a background for what happens on screen. And although The reborn the score is pretty good, Birdman it is absolute gold.

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The drums add the kind of unique atmosphere it sets Bird man apart from all other movies. At the same time, the classic pieces used throughout the film present the work Riggan is working on and help differentiate his world from the world of the film.

4 The Revenant: Costumes and set design immerse viewers in the story

Although it may seem that the two are not that important at first, the costumes and set design really help to immerse viewers in the story even more by visually creating a setting for this different world.

For The rebornThis was especially important because the movie is so different from what most people are used to in their daily lives. It’s amazing how authentic the costumes look and how real the stage design looks.

3 Birdman: Jokes are very clever

Michael Keaton in Birdman

different to The reborn which is a completely serious movie, Bird man it’s actually a black comedy drama, with some very witty jokes scattered all over the place.

Whether it’s the situations Riggan finds himself in and the way he handles them or the way his daughter doesn’t even hide any of her feelings for him, it’s all fun, but sad and true at the same time.

2 The Revenant: Topics are more interesting and obvious

Although both films clearly present some very interesting themes, The reborn does so in a more obvious way and explores less common themes than those of Bird man.

Bird man is primarily concerned with the fate of an artist while The reborn it talks about mortality and morality, perseverance and revenge, exploration and suffering, among other things.

one Birdman: social comment makes important points

zach galifianakis in bird man

That doesn’t mean that Bird man it has no themes, it does. Furthermore, the movie also uses social commentary to highlight important points about different aspects of society.

For example, the current state of the theater and criticism are two painful topics for this movie while commenting on Hollywood, social media, etc.

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