Angel Star J. August Richards Supports Charisma Carpenter Amid Joss Whedon Accusations

J. August Richards, who played Gunn in Angel, offers his support to Charisma Carpenter following her allegations against creator Joss Whedon.

J. August Richards, who played Charles Gunn in all five seasons of Angel, offered his support to Charisma Carpenter following her accusations against Joss Whedon. Recent accusations against the Buffy the Vampire Slayer creator began when Ray Fisher, who played Cyborg in League of Justice, He spoke about his experience working with Whedon during new shoots for the film. Fisher accused Whedon of “disgusting, abusive” behavior towards the cast and crew, and claimed that Whedon was empowered by the film’s producers. Fisher’s allegations led to a WarnerMedia investigation, which concluded in December 2020. WarnerMedia stated that “corrective action” was taken to correct behavior on set. However, Fisher was removed from The flash, with his future as a Cyborg seemingly coming to an end.

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Rumors that Carpenter and Whedon got into trouble while making Angel it had been rampant for years. However, in support of Fisher, Carpenter issued a statement on Twitter, detailing Whedon’s alleged abusive behavior during the production of the shows. Carpenter claimed that Whedon was constantly abusive in both Buffy Y Angel, and abused the power he had over the cast and crew. Carpenter said that she “he bit his tongue” for nearly 20 years, with Fisher’s firing serving as the catalyst for him to finally speak. Carpenter went into detail about his departure from Angel, claiming that Whedon was furious that she had become pregnant. Carpenter alleged that her controversial story from season 4 and her removal from the show was the direct result of a vengeful Whedon attempting to hurt her after her pregnancy.

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Now, Richards released a statement on Twitter, showing his support for Carpenter. Richards, aware of the possible repercussions Carpenter could face for speaking out against a powerful and well-connected filmmaker like Whedon, expressed that he knows how strong she is to open up. He also stated that he would support her in any way possible. Read his full tweet below:

Richards is not the only one BuffyVerse actor to show public support for Carpenter’s allegations. Michelle Trachtenberg, who played Buffy’s younger sister Dawn, stated that Whedon couldn’t be alone with her at the Buffy established after an undisclosed incident. Emma Caulfield (Anya), Anthony Stewart Head (Giles) and Amber Benson (Tara) have supported Carpenter. Even Buffy herself, Sarah Michelle Gellar, issued a statement distancing herself from Whedon and supporting Carpenter’s accusations.

Richards, who appeared in 91 episodes of Angelpresumably he would have witnessed Whedon’s behavior over the years. Between him and the other Buffy Cast members showing their support for Carpenter, things are looking worse and worse for Whedon. While this may tarnish some fans’ love for Buffy Y Angel, Getting the truth out about abusive behavior in Hollywood and holding those responsible to account is an unquestionable asset.

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