Apple TV + Announces Interactive AR App for All Mankind

Apple has released For All Mankind: Time Capsule, an interactive AR application that allows fans to explore the time jump between seasons 1 and 2.

One of the most successful original series on Apple TV + is For all mankind, which tells an alternate history in which the Soviet Union reached the moon before the United States, causing the Space Race to continue for decades.

With season 2 beginning in 1983, nine years after the events of season 1, the series’ creative team, including co-creator Ronald D. Moore and producer Ben McGinnis, worked with Apple to create For all mankind: time capsule. The app is an interactive storytelling AR experience available on iOS devices, exploring the passage of time for the Stevens family through the eyes of Gordo and Tracy’s young son Danny. To announce the launch of the app on the App Store, Apple released a trailer, while Moore and McGinnis participated in a roundtable interview that CBR attended.

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“We had been talking to each other about the potential of AR, or even VR, as storytelling devices for several years,” Moore explained. “When the project came up, it was a great opportunity to merge those ideas; to really be able to exploit it for the first time. A lot of the things that are in the AR experience are things that came directly from the Some things were created specifically for this experience and others are just expansions of ideas that had been exchanged in the writers room in one way or another. But our interest in technology and interest in this aspect of storytelling predates even Season 1; it was something we had I’ve been talking, generally, about how to produce a TV show in a new and interesting way. “

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For Moore, the app offers an even bigger window into the alternate history he and the creative team have created for the show, and the app allows for more news and cultural artifacts. McGinnis was excited to bring authentic ’80s gadgets like the Apple II computer, complete with their own game and VHS tapes to showcase the home side of Stevens life and allow users to play around with them to generate an additional story. And with several main characters appearing in the augmented reality experience, the returning cast members were excited to reprise their roles in new and interesting ways.

“It’s something outside of his normal job, like ‘Here’s something new we’re working on! Do you want to play with this?'” Observed Moore. “They were intrigued by the concept and being able to do something cool and different. They had the feeling that everyone was on the brink of something new, cutting-edge technology stirred everyone’s creative juices.”

Created by Ronald D. Moore, Matt Wolpert and Ben Nedivi, For all mankind stars Joel Kinnaman, Michael Dorman, Sarah Jones, Shantel VanSanten, Wrenn Schmidt, Jodi Balfour, Krys Marshall, Sonya Walger, Cynthy Wu, Coral Peña, and Casey W. Johnson. Season 2 premieres on Apple TV + on February 19. For all mankind: time capsule is now available on the App Store.

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