Attack On Titan: 10 Times Mikasa Saved Eren’s Life

Eren might not like it, but without Mikasa, he would surely have ended up dead on several different occasions. From the first season of Attack on Titan It’s been made very clear that Eren needs Mikasa to maintain his tough-guy attitude. Although the most recent and final season of the anime has shown that Eren is more than capable of protecting himself, he still needs Mikasa to get him out of harm’s way when things really get hot.

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In fact, even with Mikasa’s undying loyalty, Eren ends up being captured due to his stubborn approach to heroism.

10 Mikasa keeps the Titan War Hammer busy while Eren figures out how to win

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 2 War Hammer Titan

The entirety of Eren’s plan to preemptively attack Marley is based on him being able to dispatch the Warhammer Titan as quickly as possible. Even the slightest delay in his victory over Lara Tyber drew the wrath of the Jaw Titan and nearly had Eren killed.

Eren was the one who figured out how to defeat the Warhammer Titan, but if Mikasa hadn’t come at the perfect time to threaten Lara Tyber’s titan, she would never have been able to survive this battle. Only thanks to Mikasa’s brilliant use of the new ODM gear was Eren given the opportunity he needed to survive his battle with the War Hammer Titan.

9 Mikasa keeps Eren’s fighting spirit alive by helping him take on his childhood bullies.

Although some may try to downplay the impact of a child bully, this type of behavior can cripple a child’s / adolescent’s confidence. In the world of Attack on Titan, an Eren without confidence is a dead Eren.

Outside bystanders might question whether Eren’s life was really at risk when he faced bullies who made fun of him and Armin as children. Who knows what kind of person Eren would have turned out to be if Mikasa hadn’t helped him take on his goons. Perhaps he would not have had the strength he needed to keep his titan abilities away from the thugs that rule the Marleyan Empire.

8 Mikasa and Levi defeated Annie in the forest

Levi Mikasa's attack on Titan

Eren Yeager might put on a tough face, but when he was learning to master his Titan abilities, he often hesitated before embracing the power of the Attack Titan. An example of this hesitation occurs during the scout’s first battle with the Female Titan. Eren chooses to trust his allies and delays his titanic transformation until the last minute. Once he finally transforms, Annie’s more experienced Female Titan quickly overpowers him.

If it weren’t for Mikasa and Levi’s actions, Eren would surely have been defeated, captured, and ultimately killed by the Marleyan Empire desperately seeking to control the power of the Founding Titan.

7 Mikasa stops the Jaw Titan from breaking Eren’s hardening ability.

Mikasa’s help during Eren’s attack on Marley did not end with Eren’s victory over the War Hammer Titan. Even after Lara Tyber is separated from his titan, Eren struggles to steal her abilities due to the powerful crystalline cloak he was able to build around him.

In order for Eren to be able to break this shell, he needed Mikasa and the rest of the scouts to keep the Cart Titan and the Jaw Titan at bay. The Jaw Titan was especially dangerous due to its ability to bite through Eren’s hardening ability. Fortunately, Mikasa was there to keep the Jaw Titan busy so Porco couldn’t figure out how to break through Eren’s defenses.

6 Mikasa gives Eren some sense after he insulted Armin

Close-up of Mikasa with a scar on her face - Attack on Titan

The moment Mikasa leaves Eren for insulting Armin in the second episode of the anime may not seem like the actions of a savior, but considering how many times Armin’s brain saved Eren’s life, it’s worth digging deeper at this point.

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Without Mikasa’s interference, Eren could have continued to spiral to the point of destroying his lifelong friendship with Armin. Without Armin by his side, Eren would have been killed before he had a chance to master the power of the Attack Titan.

5 Mikasa and the scouts save Eren after he was captured by Reiner and Bertholdt.

The scouts standing over Reiner and persuading Bertholdt to return Eren.

The Armored Titan and the Colossal Titan tormented Eren and Mikasa during the first three seasons of Attack on Titan. It is not revealed until season two that Reiner and Bertholdt are the titan shifters behind these two monsters, but when the truth is revealed, they manage to overcome Eren’s attack Titan and almost escape from Paradis Island with him as their captive.

If Reiner and Bertholdt had escaped with Eren, the Marleyan government would have killed him the second they found a candidate to inherit the Attack Titans and the Foundation. If Mikasa and the rest of the scouts couldn’t save Eren, his life might as well have been lost.

4 When Mikasa awakened her Ackerman abilities as a child

Although fans have had the opportunity to see Ackerman’s awakening power on several different occasions, none of them are as dramatic as the first time Mikasa awakens her strength and breaks the floorboards under her feet.

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When Mikasa’s parents are killed by roving slavers, Eren comes to their rescue. In Eren’s perfect way, his heroism falls short of success and places him in a near-death scenario from which Mikasa has to save him. If Mikasa hadn’t chosen to fight right now, Eren would have died before any of the main events took place in Attack on Titan.

3 Mikasa and the Scouts offer Eren an escape route after he attacks Marley.

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 6 Eren Mikasa

Eren’s narcissism in the final season of Attack on Titan seems to have no limits. Before breaking into a building and killing hundreds of innocent Eldians, he had no way of knowing that Mikasa or the rest of the scouts would show up to offer him help.

Although it is clear that Eren had no way of surviving his preemptive strike without the help of his allies, he still went ahead with his plans. If Mikasa hadn’t appeared, Eren would have been stranded in the middle of enemy territory with a target on his back so large that not even his incredible titan abilities could have saved him.

2 Mikasa defeated Kenny Ackerman’s troops and freed Eren from Rod Reiss’s chains.

Mikasa kicks a military police officer - Attack on Titan

The third season of Attack on Titan turns his heroes upside down by using humans as antagonists instead of titans. The combined forces of Rod Reiss and Kenny Ackerman are nearly enough to defeat Eren, Levi, and Mikasa.

Fortunately, Historia Reiss sees through her father’s corruption and comes to Eren’s aid when he needs it most. Without Mikasa’s heroics, Kenny Ackerman’s forces would never have been defeated and Eren would have died in chains when Rod Reiss became the greatest Titan fans have ever seen.

1 Mikasa cleared a path for Eren to plug the hole in the Trost district.

Armin may have been the one who verbally cleared the way for Eren to prove that his Titan ability was not a threat to humanity during the Battle of Trost District arc, but if it hadn’t been for Mikasa’s efforts on the front lines. , Eren might never have been able to plug the hole in Trost.

Even after Eren attacked Mikasa in titan form, she compromised her efforts to protect him from the Titans that had invaded Trost. Once Eren regained control, Mikasa opened a way for him so that he could re-seal the wall surrounding Trost. If she hadn’t helped Eren right now, he certainly would have been killed by the people within the walls before he had a chance to master his titan abilities.

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