the Avatar The series ended with Aang defeating Fire Lord Ozai and removing his control. He was locked in a prison cell by Zuko, who took his place as the new Fire Lord. Without a doubt, Ozai was one of the most evil characters on the show. He did everything he could to hurt not only the world, but also his own wife and son.

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Although the show didn’t show much about his past life, fans can find parts of his life before he became the Fire Lord in ‘The Search’ comic book trilogy. Similarly, the comic trilogy ‘The Promise’ describes the fate of the ancient Fire Lord after the 100-year war. These stories reinforce the fact that Ozai was an evil person from start to finish.

10 “Be honest with yourself Zuko, do you really think you can handle it all on your own?”

This conversation took place right after the show ended. When Zuko asked Ozai where his mother was, Ozai didn’t answer him. Instead, he started playing mind games with him, because he knew his son was inexperienced and wanted to be a benevolent Fire Lord.

He took this opportunity to sow seeds of doubt in Zuko’s mind about his ability to keep up with the expectations of the entire world and his own subjects. Even in prison, he continued to do everything in his power to make his son suffer.

9 “You will come back. And I’ll be here waiting for you. Son.”

Zuko saw through Ozai and knew that he was just trying to manipulate him. He thought it best to distance himself from his father and began to leave the prison cell. However, Ozai had been on the throne before and knew the kinds of pressures that came with it.

He knew that sooner or later his son would come to him for advice. That’s why he was so sure that Zuko would see him again. His emphasis on the word ‘son’ was another way of reminding Zuko that even though he was in prison, he was still her father and knew better.

8 “You are the Lord of Fire. What you choose, by definition, is correct. “

3 firelord ozai in jail cell zuko

When Zuko was faced with the dilemma of choosing whether to uproot the lives of hundreds of citizens of the Fire Nation or risk war with the Earth Kingdom, he didn’t know what to do. He decided to go to his father for advice. Ozai simply told him that there was no right or wrong.

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As a Fire Lord, whatever his decision is, it would be the correct decision simply because he chose it. This gave fans an idea of ​​how Ozai viewed the world as a former Fire Lord. He believed that every decision he made was the right one. simply because he was the Lord of Fire.

7 “In an attempt to restore his own dignity (King of Earth), he will send his army to crush them.”

What makes this quote creepy is that Ozai was right. When the Earth King found out that Zuko did not want to remove the citizens of the Fire Nation from Yu Dao, he canceled all plans for peace talks.

He ordered his army to march towards Yu Dao and forcibly remove the citizens of the Fire Nation from there. Ozai correctly predicted what the Earth King’s movements would be, even though he hadn’t had contact with the outside world for over a year.

6 “Now you belong to the royal family. And me. “

Ozai said this to Ursa the day they got married. During the wedding dinner, he told her that she had to forget everything about her old life.

His parents, the place where he grew up, anyone he knew, he was not allowed to mention any of them again. She had to dedicate herself solely to her duties as Princess of the Fire Nation. This was the moment when Ursa knew that her life would be a prison from there.

5 “She was born lucky. You were lucky to be born. “

Ozai was always tough on Zuko. This conversation took place during Zuko’s childhood when Zuko tried to defend his Firebending master’s actions against Azula’s accusations. Ozai hit the table with his fist and yelled at him.

He told his son how he was going to kick him out of the palace when he was young, simply because he showed no signs of bending. He ended the conversation with this dialogue, making Zuko feel loveless and worthless as usual.

4 “You tell that dirt-stained commoner that his death was personally ordered by Prince Ozai of the Fire Nation.”

7 ozai ordering a killer

Before forcibly marrying Ozai, Ursa was engaged to Ikem, her longtime boyfriend. Even though he had forbidden her to contact someone from her old life again, she secretly wrote letters to Ikem.

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When Ozai had enough of this, he hired a skilled archer to kill his former lover. When the archer said that he would do the act anonymously, the Prince of the Fire Nation responded with this quote. He wanted to establish his power over Ikem and he wanted him to know his name just before he died.

3 “I erased that treacherous dog from existence.”

When the archer returned to the palace, he told Ozai that he could not find or kill Ikem. However, although Ozai was unable to kill Ikem, he decided to mentally torture Ursa anyway.

He confronted her about the secret letters she had been writing all these years. When she didn’t deny it, he told her that he had Ikem killed. This broke Ursa’s heart again.

2 “I am a merciful man. I am waiting until he falls asleep. You won’t feel anything. “

When Iroh lost the motivation to fight after his son’s death, Ozai tried to convince his father to make him the next Fire Lord. Azulon was outraged by this and asked him to kill Zuko so that he could feel what it’s like to lose the firstborn. However, Ozai showed no signs of sadness or remorse.

When Ursa begged him not to go ahead, all he answered was this. It was only by his insistence that Zuko lived. If he had left it to Ozai, he would have killed Zuko without thinking.

one “Every time I speak harshly to him, every time I hurt him, every time I treat Zuko like the son of a treacherous dog, I will simply be fulfilling his mother’s wish.”

During a fight with Ozai, Ursa hinted that he wished Zuko to be Ikem’s son instead of him because he wanted his son to look nothing like his father. This hurt his ego and he wanted revenge on her.

He told her that from now on, he would treat Zuko like he was a bastard. He told her to observe how she treated him horribly from then on. True to his word, he began treating his own son worse than scum, only to spite his wife.

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