So many bat Man movies, so many love interests. Action movies tend to be incomplete without a romantic subplot, and most superhero movies are no different. Of course, that doesn’t mean that all these romances are always well written.

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In honor of Valentine’s Day, let’s take a look at the theatrical premiere. bat Man films and counts the outstanding love interests from worst to best, taking into account both the characterization of these women and the writing of their relationship with the Dark Knight.

10 Barbara Gordon (The Killing Joke)

Without disrespecting Barbara herself, but the animated The Killing Joke it’s an even bigger parody of his character than the original material. This is mainly due to the ill-advised relationship between her and Bruce, something absent in the comic. After Barbara spends the first 20 minutes of the film pining for Batman and struggling to apprehend the gangster “Paris Franz” (yes, really), her frustrations culminate in a rooftop connection between Batgirl and Batman.

This is serious for many reasons (the age difference, the power imbalance and Bruce does not speak to her afterwards) and of course it all leads to, as in the comic, Barbara being assaulted and paralyzed by the Joker. So, The Killing Joke It makes Barbara an incompetent plagued by parental problems and Bruce even more emotionally distant than usual. It’s not the best look for any of them or for the movie’s writers.

9 Julie Madison (Batman and Robin)

Julie Madison B&R

Julie Madison from the comics, debuting in Detective comics # 31 by Gardner Fox, Bob Kane and Sheldon Moldoff, was Batman’s first love interest and recently returned to prominence during Scott Snyder & Greg Capullo’s bat Man run. The version seen in Batman and robinHowever, it is mere afterthought. Played by Elle MacPherson, Madison disappears from the film in the third act. The Schumacher Batman films are famous for their homoerotics, both in characterization and production design, so it is not surprising that the film focuses more on the relationship of the main characters in the end.

8 Dr. Chase Meridian (Batman Forever)

Nicole Kidman in Batman Forever

Dr. Chase Meridian is the first bat Man love interest created for the movie in which he appeared. Played by Nicole Kidman, she can’t help but feel like the girl of the week, despite the immense talent of her actress. She makes it clear from her debut that her motivation is to be the next woman to win over the Dark Knight, and despite Bruce’s protest to Alfred that he “has never been in love”, his and Chase’s interest is felt. more like a lust. adventure driven than anything else.

The best that can be said is that her status as a psychologist ties in with the film’s attempts to peel off the layers of Batman’s psyche.

7 Vicki Vale (Batman)

The comics Vicki Vale, an investigative journalist hell-bent on uncovering Batman’s true identity, were clearly an attempt to give the Caped Crusader a Lois Lane analog in their supporting cast. While Vicki never achieved the same prominence, she appeared as the love interest in Tim Burton’s film. bat Man (1989), played by Kim Basinger.

The character and romance are functional, if not especially memorable, noteworthy primarily for how Jack Nicholson’s Joker he’s as in love with her as the titular hero. Like in the afternoon Batman forever, his occupation is also related to the film; his learning about Bruce through journalistic investigation feeds the audience’s information.

6 Catwoman / “Miss Kitka” (Batman)

bat Man (1966) was Batman’s first theatrical film, and it is also the first time, but not the last, that Catwoman will appear on this list. The second of three actresses to play Catwoman, Lee Meriwether’s portrayal is the closest this version has ever come to be explicitly romantically related to Batman when she disguises herself as the Russian journalist “Miss Kitka” to get closer to Bruce Wayne.

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Unlike later versions, it is a completely deceptive seduction on Catwoman’s part, and Batman is heartbroken when he realizes that Catwoman and Miss Kitka are the same.

5 Rachel Dawes (Batman Begins)

Batman Begins Rachel Dawes

The movies’ exclusive second love interest, Rachel Dawes was given a backstory of being childhood friends with Bruce Wayne to create a more emotionally involved connection. She also has a more active role; Her job as an assistant district attorney means that she helps Batman in his battle with the mob and it is she who subdues the Scarecrow in the film’s climax.

Refreshingly, the movie also ends with them not together, Rachel saying that she can’t be with Bruce when her first priority will always be their crusade. The main problem with Rachel in The beginning of batman it’s the casting; Katie Holmes is wrong and struggles to keep up with her most talented or experienced co-stars.

4 Rachel Dawes (The Dark Knight)

For The beginning of batman‘ Follow up, The dark knight, Holmes left and the role of Rachel was recast with Maggie Gyllenhaal to the gratitude of the viewers. Gyllenhaal handles much better than Holmes, and the character is written with a greater agency; it’s clear that Bruce clings to her as a symbol of the life she wants, something Rachel is uncomfortable with.

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Unfortunately, while The dark knight Still the most innovative superhero movie of the 21st century, it still indulges in the most regressive trope in comics, “Women in Refrigerators,” with its handling of Rachel.

3 Selina Kyle / Catwoman (The Dark Knight Rises)

batman catwoman dark knight rises

For the final chapter of Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy, The dark knight rises, featured a remake of Catwoman (Anne Hathaway) to bring closure to Christian Bale’s Batman love life. While the development of their relationship with each other ends hastily as a consequence of an overloaded history, Bale has better chemistry with Hathaway than either of the Rachel.

They also easily achieve the happiest ending, leaving the vigilante life behind and living together under new identities; after all of Bruce’s struggles throughout the trilogy, that ending couldn’t have felt more earned.

two Selina Kyle / Catwoman (Batman Returns)

Catwoman licks Batman in Batman Returns

Batman Returns is easily the horniest bat Man Movie: It takes the usual Batman and Catwoman dynamic and elevates it to sadomasochistic levels. Burton’s Bat and Cat are far more deranged characters than any of their comedic counterparts, and it’s their shared, divided identities that unite them. In fact, during a costume ball scene, the two are the only ones without costumes, because “Bruce Wayne” and “Selina Kyle” are just masks for Batman and Catwoman, respectively. Unfortunately, Selina simply can’t afford to have a “fairy tale” ending with Bruce, so the movie ends with the costumed lovers parted.

1 Andrea Beaumont (Ghost Mask)

Ghost mask presents romance with by far the depth and most emotional tragedy of any theatrical release bat Man movie. Andrea Beaumont, voiced by Dana Delaney, is the most successful of the original characters on this list. A series of flashbacks reveal how, in their youth, Bruce and Andrea met in a cemetery while the two were talking at their parents’ graves.

The sparks flew instantaneous and brilliant; Bruce was even willing to give up the promise he made to his parents to be with her, because he hadn’t “counted[ed] about being happy. “Unfortunately, circumstances separate the two; after a brief reunion today, the film ends with the inability to rekindle their relationship. In the end, both Bruce and Andrea are left alone with the company’s revenge. ..

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