Between us and Xbox disagree if Xbox Series X can be thrown into the lava

A friendly feud between the team behind the popular killer indie and one of video game’s biggest giants questions the limits of Series X.

The games industry has had its share of high-profile disputes, but a recent disagreement between Among us and the Xbox teams raises an important question: can the Xbox Series X survive being thrown into the lava? Among us, the murder-filled indie hit developed by Innersloth first released in 2018 with relatively little fanfare. However, a year later, the game quickly and unexpectedly gained popularity, especially among streamers. As with many popular indie games, fans began to wonder when the title would arrive on consoles.

The news came in December of last year that Among us it would debut on Xbox Game Pass in 2021. Initially, it seemed that the game would only be available for PC and that the announcement was made primarily to get fans excited about the arrival of Microsoft’s Game Pass Ultimate cloud games to Windows in spring. However, just a few days later, Xbox shared the news that Among us Not only would it be coming to Xbox Game Pass on PC, but it would also be available on Xbox consoles this year.

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The heated speech focused on Microsoft’s console and its ability to withstand molten earth began with a tweet from the Among us equipment. The post shows one of the game’s teammates standing on a large puddle of molten rock, recalling a new lava-filled mod for the game called The Floor is Lava. The Xbox team took the opportunity in the comments to remind players that Among us was currently available for Xbox Game Pass, sparking a series of responses that led to the burning question at the heart of this dispute.

the Among us The team, while insisting that the answer would actually be for a friend, asked the Xbox account directly if Microsoft’s next-gen Xbox Series X was, in fact, “lava proof. “What followed was a message that recalled the company’s earlier response to on-scene viral videos showing what appeared to be smoke coming from the top vent of the newly launched console. The company’s response to the Among us The team began by expressing disbelief that this point needed clarification, but in no uncertain terms advised Xbox owners to avoid “throwThe Xbox series X in a pool of liquid fire and rock. The recommendation seems to have come too late for the Among us account judging by your answer and the resulting query from the Xbox team.

This funny joke between Xbox and Among us teams is a great example of how gaming marketing is changing in the wake of social media. The developer’s original lava post received over 37,000 likes at the time of writing, with the Xbox it rests to earn several thousand of your own. With the popular game coming to Microsoft’s console soon, the attention this conversation received is apparently beneficial to both companies.

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Source: Between us / Twitter

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