Big Brother: Jesse Tannenbaum Announces Casting for BB23 to Begin Next Week

Big Brother 23’s casting director Jesse Tannenbaum announced that the casting process for BB23 begins next week. He also shared many tips for applicants.

New Older brother 23 Casting director Jesse Tannenbaum has announced that the casting process for the upcoming season will officially begin on Monday, February 15. The fans have been waiting BB23 since the season was announced at the end of Big Brother 22: All-Stars. While there is always the possibility that the show will feature some returning players, that seems more unlikely than ever for Older brother 23. The fandom in general did not react particularly well to the last All the stars cast, not even most fans enjoyed how the season unfolded.

But the main reason the next season will likely only include new guests is that Older brother I recently changed casting directors. Almost two decades later, Robyn Kass long ago parted ways with the series to pursue other endeavors. Consequently, the producers hired Jesse Tannenbaum to replace Robyn Jesse’s credits include casting. Survivor, Big Brother: Over The TopY The surprising race. Considering that fans had long been asking for the series to take a different direction when it came to casting, there are many who are very excited about what Jesse can do with the show.

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Now, Jesse Tannenbaum has announced that the official casting process for Older brother 23 It will start on Monday, February 15. On that day, Jesse and the casting team will begin reviewing all the applications that have been submitted in the last few months and weeks. Through his Instagram Stories, Jesse made some announcements and shared some tips. First, he made sure the casting team watches every performance. He then said they will call applicants who have advanced through the casting process until the end of May. “So if it just didn’t work out, you won’t get a call in late May,” he said, “It just didn’t work out for this season.”

Jesse then proceeded to share some tips with anyone who is currently thinking of applying. Older brother 23. He started by saying that applicants struggling to upload a video to the official casting website can simply provide them with an unlisted YouTube link. Jesse added that they are looking for what makes each person different and interesting. Therefore, encourage people to be as honest as possible about their jobs, lives, relationships, and personalities. Jesse went on to share that the biggest hassle for the casting department is getting weird videos that don’t say much about who a person is. For example, it is not helpful to send a short TikTok clip or video of yourself exercising and never speaking.

Things are getting real next time Older brother 23 season! Fans are looking forward to a very dynamic and exciting season for them.

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Source: Jesse Tannenbaum’s Instagram

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