In DC Comics’ Future State, Black Adam becomes a better version of Marvel’s Professor X. It has turned an entire country into an Xavier Institute.

Warning! Spoilers for Future State: Suicide Squad # 1

In the distant future of DC Comics, Black adam becomes a better version of Marvel Professor X. While Future state shows the incoming future of the DC Universe, it hasn’t gone that far so far.

Following a story featuring Suicide Squad, the second half of Future State: Suicide Squad # 1 explore the fate of Black Adam, iconically known as Shazam’s immortal enemy. The number is written by Robbie Thompson and Jeremy Adams with art by Fernando Pasarin, Javier Fernandez, and Oclair Albert. As the 853rd Century Justice League encounters the country called Kahndaq, Superman mentions that no one has been able to enter there for several years. However, he has had a growing relationship with Black Adam that could allow them access, despite the intense security.

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It is soon revealed that Black Adam has turned his native Kahndaq country into a utopia, with the sole purpose of housing the outcasts living on the fringes of society. He is no longer a warmongering tyrant and has become the kind of hospitable leader that Professor X of the X-Men could only dream of becoming. Black Adam is even thoughtful enough to cultivate a garden in remembrance of those who have been lost. The unlikely ex-villain surpasses Xavier as a benefactor, with a wealth of resources at his disposal. In a sense, this is also the kind of technologically advanced utopia that Magneto would have found inspiring for mutants as well. Rather than being confined to a school campus, Black Adam has the value of an entire planet within small rooms. He doesn’t even call himself king, choosing to take the humblest title of ambassador.

Although his resignation from magic does not last long in the context of this problem, it is still a radical subversion of the expectations that he has given up his powers. In much of the DC Universe, Black Adam has been known as the most powerful antihero out there. If he went so far as to leave his magic behind, then it’s safe to assume that his regret for past atrocities is sincere. For readers of Endless winterIt shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that Black Adam acted with honor, but turning around completely is practically unfathomable.

Kahndaq has the potential to usher in a new generation of heroes under his guidance, which is unthinkable based on his longtime characterization as Shazam’s archenemy. With this future in mind, readers are likely to completely reconsider Black adam when DC returns to the current timeline. Of course your Professor X Personality type is just one possible version of the man he will eventually become one day.

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