Bleach: 10 Characters Who Fit Rukia Better Than Renji

Rukia Kuchiki may not have become the protagonist of Bleach, as originally planned, but it sure makes its mark on the narrative in a number of ways. She is strong, versatile, compassionate, but most of all, she understands that friendship and loyalty are superior to following the mindless traditions of Soul Society.

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Several fans wanted IchiRuki to turn into something, but this didn’t happen, to no one’s surprise, because Tite Kubo had been foreshadowing Rukia’s inevitable love affair with Abarai Renji since the beginning of the story. Still, this relationship works because they had been together for several years before becoming a Shinigami. However, what would your alternative romantic partners look like?

10 Orihime and Rukia are equally sensitive and kind, which makes this union more likely than the ones they get.

Inoue Orihime and Rukia are an excellent match, mainly because the men they are paired with have an annoying habit of running off to fight without warning, and then hurting each other for no reason. Nobody needs all that unwanted stress.

Besides, it’s not that these two are cowards or anything; it’s just that they possess common sense and tactical planning skills. On the emotional front, both women are equally sensitive and kind, making this union more likely than the ones given to them.

9 Rukia will be able to understand Ganju’s perspective without much difficulty.

Like Renji, Ganju is quickly angered, too proud of his abilities, but paradoxically despises the Shinigami of Soul Society. He might refuse to participate in the idea of ​​being romantically involved with someone like Rukia, but again, she was not born or raised in Sereitei.

Basically, you understand the suffering of those who grew up in the crowded areas of Rukongai and you will be able to understand Ganju’s perspective without much difficulty.

8 Rukia will surely appreciate Kira’s peaceful mentality.

izuru kira

Kuchiki Rukia can be hotheaded, though rarely, which is why she is in conflict with her partner quite often (as well as many of her friends). In comparison, it turns out that Kira is a calm and introverted character, and on the surface it seems that she has no ambition, motivation, or interest in her work, whatsoever.

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Regardless, he understands the importance of brotherly loyalty and completely hates the fact that anyone has to fight, ever. Rukia will surely appreciate this peace-loving mindset, even if she is shrouded in indecision.

7 Uryu has proven to be a gentle soul.

Why shouldn’t Uyru be set up with Rukia? Regardless of her disparate and seemingly incompatible stories, being a Shinigami and Quincy, she has proven to be a gentle soul, no matter what her father or Ichigo may believe.

It is carefully measured against your planning, and as a result, you will not make your partner worry more than you should about your destiny. There is also the bond of trauma shared between them, related to their experiences in Soul Society and Hueco Mundo Arcs.

6 Shinji is as determined and insightful as he is cheerful and sarcastic.

Shinji is technically too old for Rukia, but is that something in a world where people live for hundreds of years without aging in the least?

The best thing about him is that he is as determined and insightful as he is cheerful and sarcastic, which shows that his personality is better than most of the other characters (who are usually monotonous: angry Yamamoto, haughty Byakuya, etc.). Rukia’s interest will not diminish as Shinji will keep the experience alive, at least as long as it doesn’t disturb her too much.

5 Rukia has the emotional depth needed to care for Hinamori.

Ignoring Hinamori’s extremely bizarre fascination for Aizen, it would be wise to pair her up with Rukia, simply because the latter has the emotional depth to take care of her.

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This is obvious in the way he goes into a blast of fury for no reason, in part due to the fiery nature of his zanpakuto, Tobiume. In this regard, Rukia’s ice-based Sode no Shirayuki grants her a chilling level of calm (usually, but not always), solidifying their relationship by providing contrast and balance.

4 As persistent as he is, Chad knows when he gets hit

Despite his muscular build and overwhelming physical strength, Chad is a placid individual, so much so that he regularly allows himself to be teased or insulted, preferring not to respond in the same way. This link is ideal for one main reason; As persistent as he is, he knows when he gets hit.

Like Rukia, Chad adores everything “kawaii”, like cute creatures and stuffed toys. All they need to establish an everlasting relationship is to fill their living space with a horde of plush bunny toys.

3 the crucial factor is how nice Nelliel and Rukia are


Contrary to her childlike state, Nelliel is sensitive, intelligent, gentle, rational, and unflappable, regardless of the situation she is in.

Most important, though, is her enduring philosophy of non-violence, which is a trait Rukia certainly needs in her life, given how much has happened in the span of two years. Sure, they’d make a pretty cute couple too, but the crucial factor is how nice they are (which is a lot, surprisingly).

2 Bazz-B shows an excessive amount of caring for a person in his situation

Bazz-B is basically another Renji, from the flashy hairstyle to the overconfident expressions of masculinity. So why would Rukia choose someone exactly like her current partner?

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Well, mainly because he shows an inordinate amount of care for a person in his situation, such as when protecting Haschwalth, or when he voluntarily changes Yhwach’s allegiance due to his comrades and himself being betrayed. However, to be fair, he has a lot of personal work to do before he is a possible match for Rukia.

one Matsumoto and Rukia would look adorable together

Matsumoto is playful, cheerful and friendly, and she and Rukia already get along very well. Although the Vice-Captain of Squad 10 is more frivolous about her career, it doesn’t matter how she manages to keep her team organized and well-oiled.

Now that Rukia is the captain of the 13th squad and has no subordinate of her own, it would be great for Matsumoto to transfer from Hitsugaya, who would honestly prefer someone with her work ethic, honestly. Not to mention how adorable this pair would look together.

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