Anna Shay, the Bling Empire fan favorite, is receiving praise from her followers with her latest throwback with her long dark brown hair.

The supreme queen of Bling Empire, Anna Shay, continues to amaze her fans with her dazzling and glamorous posts on Instagram. Her latest throwback with her dark brown hair is causing shock and awe. Fans poured compliments in the comment section of the post.

Anna emerged as the fan favorite on Netflix’s hit reality series Bling Empire. The show follows the lives of very rich as they grapple with love, family, and their Asian identities. Anna Shay is presented as the oldest billionaire, who is more than a little eccentric. His father made money selling weapons to major armies around the world. Yet she lives a peaceful life that includes jet-setting to Paris, shopping at Rodeo, and reluctantly attending Christine Chiu’s parties. Fans gravitated towards Anna due to her confidence and DGAF attitude. Anna, who never beats around the bush, gave sound advice to the younger members of the Bling Empire broadcast whenever they needed it, which was a lot.

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After becoming a fan favorite, Anna’s Instagram exploded. He didn’t even have Instagram until the producers of Bling Empire kindly asked him to make one. Every image she posts is a hit, with fans loving her for offering fire emojis and heart eyes. His latest post is no different. The heiress posted a photo of herself in dark brown braids and an elegant evening dress. Her necklace appears to be diamond and her makeup looks just as expensive. Fans have loved her darker hairstyle ever since Anna sported blonde hair on the show. Some fans even complained that her extensions didn’t blend in with the rest of her hair during some scenes. In this new post, it looks like it’s her real hair or at least better mixed extensions.

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In the photo, Anna is standing in front of what looks like a large fountain. The location stamp says it’s at the Trocadero, Tour Eifel, in Paris. She tagged her best French friend Florent, who made a few appearances on Bling Empire. She also tagged the photographer, her friend Yang Wang, and her hair and makeup stylist Francois Laly. The spectacular photo left fans in awe and they commented on messages like “brunette looks good on you!“Y”I love your new hair color.“In fact, no negative comments were found – fans universally loved Anna’s look.

Anna’s personable nature on the show is probably one of the reasons her new look is getting so much love. Besides the fact that she is really sporting those brown locks. Anna has proven time and time again that she has what it takes to be a star.

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