Bling Empire: Why Kevin Is Obsessed With Kelly Mi Li, Andrew Gray’s Girlfriend

Bling Empire star Kevin was immediately drawn to Kelly’s striking beauty and personality. She hoped she could steal it from her boyfriend Andrew.

Kevin Kreider is one of the stars of Bling Empire and apparently he can date any girl he wants, except one. Fans of the Netflix reality show want to know why he was so obsessed with his co-star Kelly Mi Li. After all, Kelly has a public and committed relationship with Andrew Gray.

Kelly was previously married to Lin Miao, who was arrested for carrying out a cybersecurity scam. After her divorce, she began dating actor and music producer Andrew Gray and building her career as a film producer. He developed a friendship with Kevin, a Korean-American model who joined the Bling Empire group of friends after he moved to Los Angeles.

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Kevin was immediately drawn to Kelly’s intelligence, elegance, and beauty. She also admired how committed she was to her career as a film producer. Also, he appreciated the way she was able to recover strongly after their divorce. Even Bling Empire Matriarch Anna Shay thought Kevin and Kelly would make a good couple. Anna looked forward to seeing the two of them together after Kelly and Andrew broke up. Since he was so captivated by Kelly’s impressive looks and personality, Kevin must have felt an element of competition between him and Andrew. When volatile Andrew and Kelly broke up, Kevin immediately asked Kelly out on a date. However, he thought it was too early to see someone new. At first, she didn’t take Kevin’s flirtations seriously. “Kevin is a very flirtatious person. He flirts with everyone. That’s his personality.” He said on Nick Viall’s podcast, The Viall Archives.

Andrew was the subject of disapproval from fans and anger from co-stars, as people felt he was mistreating Kelly. When Anna invited the couple on a vacation to Paris, Andrew called Kelly and yelled at her for dropping him off at the hotel while she went shopping with Anna. Anna was shocked by Andrew’s outburst and urged Kelly to break up with him. Despite her efforts to make Kelly happy with her vacation home and other sweet gestures, she also chided her for sharing information about her anger problem with others. The couple even tried couples therapy to address their relationship issues before finally breaking up.

However, after several months of separation, Kelly Mi Li and Andrew Gray reunited and are now happy together again. Kelly insists that since they resumed their relationship, “He has been a completely different person.” As for Kevin, it appears that he is still single. Even though the show has been a hit with Netflix fans, the streaming platform has yet to release plans to shoot. Bling Empire season 2. With all the drama, spectacular wealth, and love triangles that season one brought, a second season is sure to follow.

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Bling Empire now airing on Netflix.

Source: The Viall Archives

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