Brad Bird: 5 Ways Incredibles Are Better Than Ratatouille (& 5 Why Ratatouille Is Better)

The Incredibles Y Ratatouille These are two Pixar jobs that are often talked about with the kind of passion that only reminds studio fans. And yet even casual viewers find these two movies to be some of the best in recent animated history, possibly even in the history of animation as a whole.

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But due to its tremendous success, both commercial and critical, The Incredibles Y Ratatouille they are often compared as two of Brad Bird’s best works. It is easy to see why they would be considered this way, but it is not so easy to decide which of the two is superior.

10 The Incredibles: is a great adaptation of the Fantastic Four

The Incredibles

One of the most commonly heard jokes about The Incredibles is that it’s a great adaptation of The Fantastic Four, and it’s actually true to some degree.

The team of superheroes known as the Fantastic Four originates from Marvel Comics and has four members with powers very similar to those of the Incredibles family: elasticity, invisibility, force field projection, and superhuman strength, to name a few. The Incredibles may differ a bit, but they are quite similar to the Fantastic Four.

9 Ratatouille: no sequel

Ratatouille scene

One thing that can easily spoil any movie is its sequel, although technically it would be a different movie. If the sequel is bad enough, it can spoil the impression the first movie makes. And unfortunately, The Incredibles has a sequel that is not as good as the original.

Fortunately, Ratatouille does not have a sequel (at least, for now), which means that new audiences will mostly watch only its only quality while those who watch The Incredibles Duology can project your negative feelings onto the sequel in the original.

8 The Incredibles: The action scenes are exciting

amazing main characters

It is not always easy to make action scenes, especially fight scenes, in animation look realistic. Plus, it’s even harder to make them look dynamic and entertaining enough.

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The IncrediblesHowever, he does not struggle with this one bit. All the action scenes in the movie are exciting and fun to watch, which makes it a very good superhero movie.

7 Ratatouille: action scenes are chaotic


But say that Ratatouille not having good action scenes would be an understatement and a disservice to the masterpiece that this movie is.

Ratatouille’s Action scenes may not be as large as those in The Incredibles, but they have a unique charm. These scenes are absolutely chaotic – every time a person sees Remy, they go absolutely insane, resulting in some pretty cool action scenes.

6 The Incredibles: Family bond is very comforting

It is not often that Pixar or Disney represent complete and working families, but The Incredibles seems to be an exception. Instead of showing the power of founded families, it focuses on the classic family.

Starting with the way their relationships have been spoiled, the film gradually makes members of the Parr family realize how much they love each other and how important they are to each other.

5 Ratatouille: Jokes are hilarious

As mentioned earlier, the reaction to seeing Remy is often explosive when it comes to humans, but this actually also results in some pretty hilarious situations peppered all over the place. Ratatouille.

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The way Remy and Linguini gradually come together and have to learn to work with each other is beautiful in itself, but every time there is a mishap, more antics ensue.

4 The Incredibles: Supporting Characters Stand Out

Of course, Ratatouille has some pretty cool supporting characters, but those of The Incredibles just stand out much more and be remembered more easily.

Jack-Jack is absolutely lovable, Syndrome is an understanding villain, Frozone is just plain funny, and Edna is the kind of crazy foodie that every group of friends has.

3 Ratatouille: the animation is innovative

Because Pixar is known for their high-quality animation, it’s not really surprising that both movies look pretty good and stick to this day.

But what does it say Ratatouille apart is its revolutionary way of animating certain elements. A lot of work was done on the skin of the rats, the landscapes of Paris and the dishes you see throughout the film.

two The Incredibles: The villain is really understanding

As mentioned above, Syndrome is actually a very sympathetic villain. Who wouldn’t be upset after being rejected by their idol? Although it seems ridiculous at first, it is actually a huge threat to the Incredibles.

Furthermore, it is even somewhat admirable the way he decides to achieve his dreams anyway and becomes the best version of himself in a twisted but triumphant way.

1 Ratatouille: the atmosphere draws the spectators

It’s amazing how beautiful Paris is Ratatouille. Even the ugly and dirty places where rats live help establish the kind of atmosphere the movie has that helps attract viewers.

Due to the shots of the city, along with the atmosphere of the restaurant and the cooking process shown in such detail, the public can really experience this unique atmosphere that the real city has.

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