The success of Netflix Bridgerton has inspired fans of the show within the entertainment industry to start putting together a musical based on the great success. Although at first glance, the period drama may not be traditionally musical, as the process has played out, fans are quickly seeing the potential of the project.

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As this idea continues to develop, the question arises: are there other period dramas that could actually work on Broadway? The genre actually contains all the right emotional conflict to make a story on stage really sing. Not to mention, the period pieces also offer a host of great set and costume designs that could really bring the musical to life.

10 Bridgerton

bridgerton daphne simon

As mentioned above, fans have been working on a musical for Bridgerton. Diving into the show a little deeper and there are a number of bigger emotional beats that the production could take advantage of; Not to mention the inspiration provided by the original material, written by Julia Quinn.

The core of the musical would, of course, be the burgeoning relationship between Daphne and the Duke of Hastings, Simon. However, the subplot of the mysterious Lady Whistledown and her newspaper provides an excellent amount of background color for the musical to expand on. The costumes, the sets and the pre-existing musical tone already established would contribute to this production.

9 Downton Abbey

Crawleys dining table

A bit of a rivalry is already forming between fans of Bridgerton and the classic british show Downton Abbey. While there are a number of similarities regarding the focus on the upper classes and their place within the period genre, they certainly don’t look the same on screen; nor would they do it on stage.

Set in the early 20th century compared to Bridgerton 1800, the show had to deal with the impact of the war, the changing political landscape in Britain, as well as the many betrayals and adventures that spark gossip within the home itself. In fact it has been hinted by creator Julian Fellowes in the past that a musical could be on the cards.

8 Reign

Reign It may not be completely historically accurate, taking a number of creative liberties with both the Mary Queen of Scots story and the world it inhabits, but with the fantasy elements and heightened drama, there is something appealing about the idea of take her to Broadway.

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The CW has now canceled the show, though it has amassed a staunch fan base. The area of ​​history it explores has been visited numerous times on both the big and small screens, but the unique approach that Reign the approaches to the subject could fit quite well in the musical genre. After all, those creative freedoms would work much better on stage and fans are eager to see what happened to the main cast.

7 The crown

Olivia Colman and Tobias Menzies in The Crown Season 4 on Netflix

The crown it has become quite a phenomenon. Based on the life of Queen Elizabeth II and her extended family, the show has continued to move throughout the timeline of her reign and will now look to more recent events to inspire its fifth season.

There have been musicals about British royalty on stage before, with the recent success of Six showing that there is an appetite for this type of material. What’s more, with the story of the current queen becoming so familiar to many, a musical could be the perfect new angle to explore Elizabeth’s reign for a slightly different audience.

6 The great

Catherine the Great is a fascinating monarch who has inspired a number of adaptations that hope to portray some essence of who the Russian empress really was. In fact, she has made her go on stage. Catherine the Great debut in a musical.

The Hulu Show The great takes a very different approach than the many other Catherine-based work examples. Both a comedy and a drama, this hilarious series could be even more fun and complex if it were brought to Broadway as part of a musical. This would be a unique way to reinvent a family history.

5 Peaky blinders

Peaky blinders has consistently delivered in quality, season after season. However, that’s not enough for some fans, who are certainly disappointed by the announcement that the next season of the show will be its last. But the showrunner suggested that it will continue in another form.

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Rumors have circulated in the past what a Peaky blinders the musical may be in development. The raw drama doesn’t have much in common with current Broadway musicals, though perhaps that’s what would make it so successful. The story of the rise of Thomas Shelby in the 19th century in Birmingham, England, is a story around which a musical could be structured.

4 Poldark

The BBC Poldark has been considered one of the most perfect on-screen romances in a period drama. The show actually draws heavily on its original material, a series of books written by Winston Graham. This would not be the first Broadway show to have its beginning in a novel.

The idea of ​​a Poldark West End musical has been thrown in the past, with similarities to the iconic hit The Miserables. Although it hasn’t made it to the stage in Britain, Broadway may have a chance to bring 18th century Cornwall to the stage.

3 Victory

Jenna Coleman in Victoria

Me and albert was a 1972 musical based on the lives of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. There is already a precedent for this idea, therefore, but the show Victory has updated the story so that modern audiences can understand it.

As two of the most influential people in the history of the British monarchy, Victoria and Albert set in motion a series of decisions and traditions that still have an impact on the country today. The only way to enhance this romance is perhaps through song.

2 Call the midwife

Call the Midwife season 7 episode 2

The 1950s drama about the lives of nurses in Call the midwife strangely enough it might provide enough material to be adapted into a musical. The show is incredibly popular in the UK and has continued to garner attention across the United States.

The drama manages to deliver genuine moments of comedy with a lot of emotional lightness, almost creating a rather surprising balance for a show of its genre. A musical can fit quite well into the themes of the show, with the perfect format to develop another narrative within the series’ timeline.

one Penny dreadful

Eva Green and Josh Hartnett in Penny Dreadful

Penny dreadful enjoyed great success in developing some of literature’s many gothic tales in a new format for modern viewers, though it does take period drama into a horror / fantasy space. With a remake of characters like Dracula on screen, there was something familiar yet revolutionary about the show.

However, the Gothic genre has always had a place on stage, dating back to adaptations of works such as Wuthering Heights in musicals. Tonally, therefore, a Penny dreadful The musical, presented as if it were part of an anthology of Gothic tales, could certainly function as a continuation of the Broadway television series.

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