Brooklyn Nine-Nine ending with season 8 is a good thing

The beloved Brooklyn Nine-Nine comedy series is set to wrap up with season 8, which is the right time to end the show for multiple reasons.

Darling comedy series Brooklyn nine nine It has always been “the little show that could.” Originally bypassed by NBC, it aired on Fox for five seasons before being canceled in 2018, only for NBC to pick it up soon after. The misadventures of the goofy but lovable detectives of Brooklyn’s 99th district will now end for real with an abbreviated Season 8, which will debut in the 2021-2022 television season. However, while this news is undoubtedly disappointing for loyal viewers of the series, now is the right time to Brooklyn nine nine to call it a day.

As excited as many people for Brooklyn nine nine to return, there is a dark cloud hanging over his head. In the wake of George Floyd’s death and the 2020 global Black Lives Matter (BLM) protests, many called for a review of the way that movies and TV shows portray police officers, especially when it comes to tackling police violence and racism. the Brooklyn nine nine The cast and crew responded quickly by donating $ 100,000 to the National Bail Fund Network and expressing their support for BLM. Additionally, showrunner Dan Goor and his writers scrapped their initial scripts for season 8 to start from scratch.

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Holt (Andre Braugher) in Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 7

Brooklyn nine nine Co-star Andre Braugher has acknowledged the challenge the series faces, admitting that the police must be “much more realistically portrayed” on television to move forward. The thing is, when the show ends now, Brooklyn nine nineWriters have more room to truly reward any BLM-inspired story they’ve come up with in a lasting and meaningful way. After all, despite all the critical acclaim the series garnered when it came to racial profiling in season 4’s “Moo Moo,” the episode’s narrative had no noticeable impact on the show’s characters and never was properly followed.

In comparison, because the series no longer needs to keep the door open for additional seasons, Brooklyn nine nine Season 8 may explore issues related to the BLM movement in a way that has significant consequences, both in terms of the larger plot and how it affects the lives of everyone’s favorite goofy detectives. To help matters, many of the show’s main characters are at a point where their lives are undergoing dramatic changes anyway. Most notably, Brooklyn nine nine Season 7 ended with Jake and Amy finally becoming parents after a stressful period in which they spent six months trying to conceive.

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And Jake and Amy aren’t the only ones getting more mature (a bit, anyway) in Brooklyn nine nine. In addition to coming out as a queer, Rosa has improved on being vulnerable with her co-workers / friends and judging from the way she reacted to her breakup with Jocelyn in season 7, she is more into a long-term relationship term than her. been in the past. Elsewhere, Terry seems to be more comfortable with the fact that he’s getting older, and even Charles and Captain Holt are becoming (again, a bit) more aware of his emotional flaws and doing their part to address them.

Obviously, whatever happens in season 8, Brooklyn nine nine It won’t turn into a drama or stray too far from the fast-paced prank machine it’s been since 2013. It’s getting to the point, anyway, where the show’s formula might not have worked as well for much longer. , between its character development and its writers making a valiant effort to be thoughtful about their response to the BLM movement’s call for police reform. As such, it is good that Brooklyn nine nine it’s ending at a point where it can be turned off with a bang instead of a fizz. (Title of her sex tape).

Brooklyn Nine-Nine stars Andy Samberg, Andre Braugher, Terry Crews, Melissa Fumero, Stephanie Beatriz, Joe Lo Truglio, Dirk Blocker, and Joel McKinnon Miller.

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