Bruce Banner needs the gray Hulk more than the green one

Thanks to The Leader, Bruce Banner is trapped within his own mental landscape, and now the Gray Hulk might be the only one who can be saved from the U-Foes.

Immortal hulk has brought a breath of fresh air to Marvel Helmet franchise looking to the past. Al Ewing and Joe Bennet’s run on the title character has shown the Hulk interacting with friends and foes from his past and draws heavily on Peter David’s classic run. One of the ways this is most prevalent is that Ewing returns to a story that delves into Bruce Banner’s psyche and uses his various Hulk characters. This gives readers a chance to have a good time with not just the green Hulk, but the Gray hulk too.

In the 1980s, comic book writer Peter David took over the reins of the Incredible Hulk title again when no one wanted the hassle of writing the character. Character-driven epics like X Men Y The amazing Spider Man they were hot, and the writers weren’t sure what to make of good old Doctor Banner. David revitalized the character by applying a psychological approach. To deal with the abuse and trauma that Banner suffered at the hands of his hateful alcoholic father, the intelligent young man Bruce developed separate personalities deep within his mind. The gamma radiation that Banner absorbed should have killed him, but due to his unique genetic makeup, his alternate personalities were unleashed, and thus the Hulk was born. Not only was Banner a man fighting the monster within, he was a man fighting dissociative personality disorder. Although the green Hulk is the most common and iconic of Bruce’s alternate personalities, the original Hulk was gray in color. This was actually due to a printing error, but Peter David brilliantly tied a simple printing mishap to his story. The Gray Hulk was the ‘original’ Hulk, and in David’s career, this cunning, scheming, and hedonistic version of the Hulk was eventually unleashed.

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At Peter David’s Incredible HulkIt was concluded that Banner’s multiple Hulk characters represented different stages in Bruce’s life. The green ‘Savage’ Hulk was a distillation of the rage that Banner suppressed as a scared child, while the Gray Hulk depicted the rebellious teenager that Banner never allowed himself to be. In a classic display of his cunning, the Gray Hulk tricked Banner into letting him out through a gamma-ray projector and then destroyed the device, making it impossible for Banner to manually induce the transformation into his original self. Subsequently, the Gray Hulk spent much of his time trying to keep both Banner and Savage Hulk at bay. Gray Hulk was cunning and selfish, even teaming up with The Leader to achieve his goals at one point. Eventually, Gray Hulk moved to Las Vegas and started calling himself ‘Joe Fixit’. In Las Vegas, Gray Hulk worked as an enforcer for the mob and spent several months without transforming back into Banner.

Joe Fixit Hulk Feature

Now at Al Ewing and Bennet’s Immortal hulk running, another new Hulk personality has emerged. The ‘Devil’ Hulk, which again ties in with David’s career. During a period where Banner, Savage Hulk, and Joe Fixit were fighting for control of Bruce’s body, Doc Sampson caused the trio to enter Bruce’s psyche where they faced off against this dangerous devil. At this time, Devil Hulk was depicted as a scaly reptilian creature locked in Bruce’s psyche. The devil was the distillation of all of Banner’s hatred and self-loathing and he wanted nothing more than to attack and destroy the world. Banner and his alter-egos came to an understanding between them, and the devil was locked up, leading to the appearance of another person, Professor Hulk. Although the professor thought he was the real Bruce Banner, Sampson realized that this was another new person, with the professor portraying an idealized version of Bruce possessing the strength of the Hulk and the intelligence of Banner. Eventually, Bruce’s alter egos waned and the childish Savage Hulk returned to the forefront.

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Joe Fixit Hulk

In number 43 of Immortal hulk We pick up with Joe, making plans and scams to support himself (and by extension Banner) while eluding authorities who are now fully aware that Bruce Banner is alive and the Hulk walks among them. But things aren’t all peaches and sunshine for Joe Fixit, as Gamma Flight’s (an offshoot of Alpha Flight) new recruits, the U-Foes, are after him. Joe Fixit’s modus operandi is to look for number 1, he’s selfish, scheming, hedonistic and spends most of his time convincing himself that he’s not a hero. Your top priority is figuring out where your next dollar will come from and keeping the authorities away. However, it appears that Joe is a bad liar after witnessing how the police assaulted a boy wearing a Hulk-themed hoodie. Joe has a brief internal conflict as he tries to convince himself that the boy’s dilemma is not his problem, but he cannot fight his conscience, or perhaps it is his inner demon, as he witnesses the Devil Hulk in his reflection. , inviting him to act on what he knows he must do deep down. Cautious to victory, Joe Hulks Out and a weakened Savage Hulk emerge. The Hulk gets rid of the police, but falls squarely on Gamma Flight’s plan in the process. The U-Foes only needed a gamma signature to locate the Hulk, and thanks to Joe’s heroism they now have one.

With Banner helpless within his psyche and at the mercy of The Leader, a weakened Hulk and Joe Fixit are the only things standing between him and certain doom. Banner now needs the Gray Hulk more than ever, perhaps more than the green machine itself. With the Savage Hulk powerless, perhaps the Gray Hulk’s resourcefulness and ruthlessness will make all the difference in the battle against the U-Foes. Maybe this act of heroism will leave Joe Fixit kicking himself afterwards, or maybe Gray hulk you will accept that you are more of a hero than you would like to believe.

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