Critics say Little Nightmares II is a wonderful childhood nightmare

Six and his new friend Monkey are jumping and adventuring in the horror sequel Little Nightmares II, but is it worth playing?

The original Little nightmares has an interesting point of view of a very young child in a big world fueled by nightmares. Many have been anticipating its sequel, Little Nightmares II, to see what will come after Six with his new partner Mono. There’s criticism on what to expect from the platformer horror sequel, and it seems like there’s a lot to look forward to, even if it’s a bit difficult at times.

According to the critics, it seems that the game is very faithful to the first with a dark atmosphere, a good level of chills and a lot of problem solving. It’s not perfect, and it would have been nice to have a co-op mode considering there are now two main characters, but it comes as a highly recommended game and is one of the first horror games of 2021.

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Austen Goslin, Polygon: “When Little Nightmares 2 sticks to the things it does best, it’s a great horror game that feels completely unique in its scares. Almost everything, from the perspective of Mono as a diminutive and almost powerless character in a giant world, to the grotesque monster designs, and the mysterious city that has been taken over by his televisions, combine to create a wonderfully disturbing world that he didn’t want. . stop exploring even after the game is over. “

Alice Bell, stone paper shotgun: “Reaches all expectations Little nightmares notes, either for better or for worse. The sometimes unfair chase scenes, in which you are chased by a rampaging adult lumpen running across the ceiling or a horde of monsters tumbling over each other like a wave, return. But the satisfying platforming puzzles are making a comeback too, and some of those monsters, and the warped settings you find them in, are fabulous. “

Tristan Ogilvie, IGN: “Little Nightmares 2 it is as black, gloomy, and hauntingly beautiful as the original. It’s just as brief, too, and while the reintroduction of character Six as an AI-controlled co-op partner eventually serves the story well, it’s not used as a vehicle to take puzzle solving and game stealth to interesting new places. what seems like a real missed opportunity. While I still very much enjoyed each exciting encounter with its menacing multitude of monstrosities, the overall sense of familiarity this time meant that Little Nightmares 2 it left a less lasting impact. “

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Jeff Cork, Game Reporter: “One of my favorite things about the first game was being introduced to a strange world and trying to determine Six’s place in it. It is ambiguous enough to allow multiple interpretations, and Little Nightmares II continues to invite speculation. There are new items to consider, but I’m still left with a host of questions after its shocking finale. Fans of macabre and sinister environmental storytelling, consider this your first essential title of 2021. “

Stuart Gipp, Nintendo Life: “Little Nightmares II it’s nothing short of engaging from start to finish, with excellent pacing, a varied and entertaining level design, and great graphics and performance. Its only real flaws lie in the imprecision that comes with all games in its subgenre, as well as some sections that feel more about trial and error than reactive survival. However, in our opinion, this does not detract from a far superior sequel and one of the best cinematic platformers we’ve had the privilege of enjoying. A real pleasure “.

Jez Cordon, Windows Central: “Little Nightmares 2 It’s a relatively short 4-6 hour experience, depending on how quickly you get through it, but the sheer moment-to-moment density has given me more game memories than many of the so-called AAA titles spread out over dozens of hours. in large numbers open worlds. If there is a game that defines quality over quantity, Little Nightmares II It is. Little Nightmares II it’s an instant classic, delivering a unique shot that defies expectations every time. Little Nightmares II it’s a rare game worth considering. “

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Sammy Barker, Push Square: “Little Nightmares II it’s worth experiencing for its art direction alone, though its hand cramp controls can be a hindrance at times. The title relies a lot on trial and error, which is frustrating, but many of its encounters will live with you long after the credits roll, so it succeeds in creating a lasting impression. It’s a stiff and stiff cast, but its puzzles are constantly being reinvented, and each frame draws you in with its surreal and haunting images. “

Charlie Wacholz, DualShockers: “Little Nightmares 2 take a lot of risks. As it builds on the solid gameplay formula from the first game, it manages to set itself apart from its predecessor by pursuing a more consistent theme. You feel small, weak, and insignificant at the hands of the oppressive world around you. The blues and grays that populate the city amplify the strong contrasts that the yellow moments of power bring. Although some of your most exciting moments are held up by frustrating depth of field and lighting issues, Little Nightmares 2 is a more action-packed film version of the formula. While some of its design issues frustrated me more than the first game, most of the changes made are still improvements. “

Developed by Tarsier Studios and published by Bandai Namco, Little Nightmares II is now available for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S.

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