Daredevil uses the king in Black’s power against him

In the latest King in Black, a reckless Knullified shows the symbiote god that there is only room for one devil in Hell’s Kitchen.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Daredevil # 27

Reckless just used Knull’s power against him in the last King in black crossover with the Man Without Fear. Daredevil’s challenge comes as Knull is sweeping the Earth with his symbiotes, infecting every person he meets with his dark presence. While other Marvel heroes require Dylan Brock’s help to be freed from Knull, Daredevil is only capable of manipulating the power of the symbiote that takes over his body and using it to fight other members of the King’s army in Black.

In Daredevil # 27 by Chip Zdarsky with art by Marco Checchetto and Mike Hawthorne, Daredevil faces an internal battle of wills after he was outmatched by one of the King in Black’s symbiotes in the previous issue. Knull’s influence over Devil of Hell’s Kitchen almost outweighs the hero, but Daredevil’s willpower proves stronger, preventing him from being just another soldier in Knull’s growing army. Not only does Daredevil not succumb to Knull’s possession, but the vigilante can use the dark powers bestowed upon him to fight the very entity that granted him such abilities. After fighting off some of the infected people in his neighborhood, Knullified Murdock rushes to an electric chair and, with the help of one of his fellow inmates, manages to remove the symbiote from his body while simultaneously expelling Knull from his body. mind.

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Successfully wielding the power of the Knull-controlled symbiote proves that Matt Murdock is one of the strongest-willed heroes in the Marvel universe. Knull himself comments on Murdock’s resistance to his influence saying: “Beings from all over the universe, over the millennia, have tried to resist me … without success,Proving that Daredevil not only compares to the other Marvel heroes in terms of his defiance, but also to life forms throughout the history of time. Daredevil takes his victory over his own body one step further by fighting Knull with the god’s own symbiote. Freeing himself from the alien creature of darkness is the next logical step for the Fearless Man, but while he has it, he proves to be a more than capable symbiote host, both by retaining control over himself and his ability with the power set. Klyntar. .

Although his tenure as a symbiote host is short-lived, Daredevil uses his time with the powers of the being to do what he has always done: fight for what is right. No matter what infighting Matt Mrudock has within himself over whether or not he is worthy of God’s love or is a good person overall, his recent interaction with the King in Black makes it clear that he is a true hero. Knull is more or less evil incarnate, being the antithesis of light and all life in the universe, which is almost exactly the description of the Judeo-Christian Satan, an entity that Murdock believes exists. More or less, Matt comes face to face with the devil himself with Knull whispering bad suggestions in his head as Matt prevails with great dark power. Daredevil rejects the temptation to give in to Knull’s cosmic power and even fights back, as Murdock is famous for doing. Reckless He shows Knull and himself that he is a good man and a great hero by rejecting the influence of the god while simultaneously using the King in blackone’s own power against him.

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