DC Celebrates Asia Pacific American Heritage Month With Oversized One-Shot Anthology

The DC Festival of Heroes anthology one-shot will feature creators addressing DC’s Asian characters for Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month.

DC Comics is celebrating Asia Pacific American Heritage Month with the DC FESTIVAL OF HEROES: Celebrating the Asian Superhero a drink.

The anthology features stories from a roster of Asian and Asian-American creators, addressing DC’s Asian and Asian-American characters. A history of Ram V (Future State: Dark Justice League, Swamp Thing) will focus on Catwoman’s protected shoes, while Mariko Tamaki (Detective comics) writes a story about Cassandra Cain. Completing the anthology is an original story by writer Gene Luen Yang (Superman crushes the Klan) and artist Bernard Chang.

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Minh Lê and Trung Le Nguyen will also contribute a story to the anthology, focusing on Vietnamese American Tai Pham, the most recent Green Lantern. Lê and artist Andie Tong co-created Pham for him Green Lantern: Legacy graphic novel.

DC Editor and Creative Director Jim Lee will provide the cover for DC FESTIVAL OF HEROES: Celebrating the Asian Superhero # 1. Pham and Cain appear on the cover, along with New Super-Man Kenan Kong and Ryan Choi, who currently has the mantle of the Atom. The Katana wielding the Outsiders sword also features prominently on the cover with Red Arrow / Emiko Queen and the villainous Cheshire.

DC FESTIVAL OF HEROES: Celebrating the Asian Superhero # 1 goes on sale May 11 from DC.

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