DC’s Wonder Girl show canceled on the CW

Executive producer Greg Berlanti’s TV series Yara Flor Wonder Girl will not officially advance on The CW, according to the showrunner.

the Wonder girl The television show on The CW is officially not progressing. While the global pandemic has affected several television shows and films from various studios and networks, that has not completely stopped Hollywood from making new products. For the field of television, networks and transmission services have been able to continue following the new health guidelines. When it comes to The CW, their great Arrowverse franchise won’t be stopping anytime soon, as shows like Batwoman Y Black Lightning They have recently returned to television screens for their new seasons. But there are changes to Greg Berlanti’s shared DC TV universe this year on The CW.

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Both Black Lightning Y Supergirl will come to an end this year with their respective fourth and sixth seasons. The flash Y Legends of tomorrow, which have not yet released their new seasons, have already been renewed for another season that will premiere next year. The two DC dramas come together Batwoman which also got an early season 3 renewal. As the old Arrowverse shows will continue, the lineup will receive a new addition with Superman and Lois. And last year, The CW unveiled plans for more future DC projects, including Wonder girl. But it looks like an Amazon won’t be joining the Arrowverse.

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Earlier this week, The CW ordered some projects to be piloted, but Wonder girl was not mentioned. Many took this as a sign that the network was still evaluating its options. Nevertheless, Dailyn Rodriguez, who was the showrunner / writer of Wonder girl, revealed today that the project is not officially moving forward on The CW. Rodríguez, who had been asked by many about the state, revealed that the network broadcast his script. Wonder girl would have followed Yara Flor, whose parents were an Amazonian warrior and a Brazilian river god, when she discovered her powers and became the titular heroine. Yara was recently introduced to the DC Universe through the DC Future State comic event.

Although not specified, it would not be surprising if Warner Bros. TV tried to buy Wonder girl to other platforms. Something like HBO Max would be a solid option and perhaps an even more suitable solution compared to The CW. While Superman and Lois is getting more financial support so it looks different from other Arrowverse shows, maybe the same was not possible for Wonder girl. Since Yara and the world of the Amazons would require something similar, it may be due to budget issues. The Amazons are one of the corners of the DC Universe that the Arrowverse has yet to get to play with.

With Yara, Earth-Prime would have finally had a regular Amazon and it would have been unique to follow a character who recently debuted in the comics. Hopefully canceling Wonder girl It won’t be the end of potentially having an Amazon heroine in the Arrowverse. It’s always possible that The CW will try to use the Wonder Woman franchise in another way in the future. The only DC drama that The CW has not now updated is the Black Lightning cleave Analgesic, whose tailgate pilot will air later this season. Until WBTV provides updates on the ability to purchase the show, Wonder girl will not join the DC TV roster.

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Source: Dailyn Rodriguez/Twitter

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