Destiny 2: Why the HELM Looks So Familiar

Destiny 2’s new social area, The HELM, has some notable similarities to the SHIELD Helicarrier seen in Marvel’s Avengers.

Destiny 2The most recent season has introduced a new social area, HELM, where players receive seasonal story beats in addition to related missions. The HELM is a spacious command area and a great new addition to the game, but it looks terribly familiar. The space has many similarities to the command center in one of SHIELD’s Helicarriers, especially the one seen in Marvel Avengers.

Next to the Tower, HELM is the third social space to appear in the game. The Farm, located in the ZED of Earth, was another social location similar to the Tower, but was dismantled along with Beyond the lightlaunching.

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What is the HELM?

The Center for Emergency Logistics and Maneuvers, or HELM, is the newest non-combatant location available to Destiny 2 players. Although HELM is a social space, it is instantiated and the player must load into the area separately from the Tower. Players in a squad will be able to enter the location together and interact with each other, but otherwise, the players will find themselves as the only guardian in the center.

The HELM offers most of the amenities players have become accustomed to in the Tower, including a mailbox, access to their vault, and NPCs ready to offer quests or rewards. As it stands, Crow and Saladin are the main characters settling into a new home in HELM, though Saladin communicates with players through the War Table. Osiris has also come closer from time to time; the same goes for Zavala, as seen in the Season of the Chosen opening movie. Other than that, there are several Frames present in the HELM writing, monitoring and ensuring that the hub is working properly.

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SHIELD similarities

Players familiar with Marvel Avengers you will notice some immediate similarities between HELM and Avengers‘main center, The Chimera. The Chimera is a SHIELD Helicarrier repurposed by Kamala and her set of Avengers as a place to plan and return between missions. Here players receive important story updates, undertake new tasks, and can enjoy a social time with the players in their party, just like Destiny 2HELM

Even HELM’s layout is almost identical to the main area of ​​The Chimera, with its own War Table. Both locations feature the War Table towards the center of the room with large windows arranged in a semicircle around it. Each zone houses only the player and the NPCs who work tirelessly to keep any of the locations running unless they are partying with friends. Some of the NPCs are important characters, like other Avengers or Raven, who again show similarities in the axes between both titles.

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That being said, the Chimera Helicarrier has much more than just a simple op camera. There are personal quarters for each of the Avengers and other sections of the carrier dedicated to vendors or faction leaders. These options are still exclusively available through the Tower at Destiny 2. Although there are many locked doors and blocked passages in the HELM, it will unfold as players continue their adventures.

For now, the similarities of the two centers are unmistakable. As time passes and HELM continues to evolve, the question arises as to whether Bungie will continue to borrow from the dwindling Marvel Avengers and body the HELM in a similar way to the Helicarrier SHIELD.

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