Dexter season 9 features Jamie Chung as a true crimes podcaster

Lovecraft Country actress Jamie Chung has joined Showtime’s upcoming Dexter revival. She will play Molly, a famous Los Angeles true crime podcaster.

Jamie Chung has joined the cast of Right handed Season 9, the upcoming limited revival of the Showtime original series. Launched in 2006, Right handed it quickly grew to become the most popular series on its network, earning several accolades and attracting a record viewership. The show ran for eight seasons through 2014, and throughout its run, it received critical acclaim for Michael C. Hall’s portrayal of the titular forensic technician who acted as a serial killer. Although Right handed was well received for its first four seasons, declining in quality after 2010, before ending with what is considered the most controversial television finale of all time. In the latest episode, Hall’s Dexter Morgan pretends to own his death and quietly retreats into the woods to live as a lumberjack.

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Then Right handedAfter a disappointing ending, fans were hoping the series would get a second chance to rectify the mistakes of its ending. Fortunately, her prayers were answered last October, when Showtime announced that it was reviving the show for a limited run of 10 episodes, with Hall attached to reprise her original role. Directed by showrunner Clyde Philips, who came out Right handed After season 4, the new iteration is set in a fictional New York city 10 years after the events of the series finale. So far, the revival has managed to keep the details of the plot under wraps, though it has announced some new faces for the upcoming series. Recently, Clancy Brown was brought in as the main antagonist Kurt Caldwell. And now, more actors have joined the revival.

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According to THR, Jamie Chung, who starred as Ji-Ah in the hit HBO horror series Lovecraft country, has been tied for him Right handed Renaissance. Chung will play Molly, a true crime podcast host based in Los Angeles. The site also reports that Slenderman Actor Oscar Wahlberg will also be seen alongside Chung on the new show. Wahlberg’s character, Zach, is the captain of the Iron Lake High School wrestling team and “the gateway to the crowd, which includes the daughter of the chief of police.”


Chung has accumulated numerous notable credits throughout his career. Although her recent shift as a conflict nurse at Lovecraft country It was definitely a standout role for the actress, fans remember Chung best for her work on Gotham, where she appealed as journalist Valerie Vale. Chung has also appeared on TV shows like Once Upon a time Y The gifted, playing a variety of roles in multiple genres. Now in the Right handed Resurgence, he will join seasoned artists like Michael Cyril Creighton, Julia Jones, Johnny Sequoyah and Jack Alcott, who have been cast on the show previously. At the moment, it is unclear how and if Molly de Chung will cross paths with Dexter. But given his profession, he might know of Dexter’s notorious criminal past.

Being a true crimes podcaster means that there are a number of ways Molly de Chung can interact with Dexter. The show could portray her as someone who is obsessed with Dexter’s sociopathic tendencies and is therefore looking into his disappearance to get a meaty story for her podcast. If this turns out to be the case, then the Revival can also turn her into a potential love interest, someone who can challenge Dexter to show his vulnerable side and express emotions. In Lovecraft countryChung made a seamless transition between naive Ji-Ah and a vengeful Kumiho, representing a daring and highly visible performance and setting the bar high for her future projects. This means you have high expectations to meet in the Right handed revival, and hopefully he’ll dazzle fans with his new act.

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Source: THR

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