The Guardians of the Galaxy are expanding their roster, and Doctor Doom himself will be joining the team, which might be the best for him.

In a surprising move by Marvel Comics, Al Ewing’s entire roster was expanded Guardians of the Galaxy team has been revealed and one member, in particular, is quite shocking. While the grand team features 17 unique heroes of the traditionally cosmic variety that one would expect to join the Guardians, the most surprising addition is that of Doctor doom. While Doom has become quite a complex character in recent comics, it comes across as an unexpected move. Also, while Doom’s motivations and reasoning for joining the team are unknown, this could be exactly the kind of fresh start that Victor von Doom needs, as his past attempts to redeem himself on Earth have always failed. with a reversion to villainy.

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Victor von Doom has always seen himself as the hero of his own story, confident that if he ruled the world and remade it in his own image, the planet would be better off and humanity would praise him for his efforts. However, his “jealous” rival Mr. Fantastic and his Fantastic Four family have constantly impeded him in his endeavors, not to mention the countless heroes of the Marvel Universe who have stood in his way over the years. While this warped and flawed perspective is the result of Doom’s massive pride, ego, and paranoia, there have been a handful of attempts to redeem himself in recent years anyway. He has tried to be an honest and genuine hero in the eyes of the people, like his temporary stint as Iron Man, or in the most recent Christopher Cantwell. Doctor doom series where Doom saved the world from a black hole, intending to pay for his crimes later to get a new slate in the future. Unfortunately, this plan never came to fruition due to the aforementioned pride and ego.

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Doom has always reverted to being the dictator of Latveria, unable to truly commit to being a hero due to the vast amount of baggage he has on Earth. While he certainly might have ulterior motives for joining the Guardians of the Galaxy, now he at least has a new chance and opportunity to truly work towards a lasting redemption among the stars as a galactic hero. However, this could also be an elaborate tactic and a hoax you have in the works. Either way, here’s the full team featured on the covers of the next Guardians of the Galaxy # 13-15 From writer Al Ewing and artist Juan Frigeri, with cover art by Brett Booth:

Image of the new Guardians of the Galaxy team

In the Marvel Comics announcement, it is revealed that the Guardians expansion will be the result of all the big changes to the galactic status quo, such as the events at Marvel’s. Empyre or the current King in black event. As such, the Guardians of the Galaxy will have become stand-ins, creating a need for more members to handle greater and graver dangers that threaten the galaxy.

Once again, Doom’s role and how he will find himself among the ranks of the Guardians of the Galaxy still unclear. Regardless, this could finally be Doctor doom’s opportunity to obtain that true and lasting redemption that he claims to have desired since his time as God-Emperor of Battleworld during the 2015s Secret wars event. Maybe the key all this time was that he had to leave Earth to do it? Either way, fans will discover more when Al Ewing’s new Space Age kicks off in April from Marvel Comics.

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