Every evil version of Batman from DC’s Dark Nights: Death Metal Event

Warning: Spoilers for all Dark Nights: Death Metalbooks!

In the wake of the massive crisis-level event known as Dark Nights: Death Metal, the heroes and villains of the DC Comics universe have conquered the evil that is The Batman Who Laughs and have given birth to a mysterious new future timeline called Future state. And while the Future state The initiative is currently spreading throughout DC books, providing fans with original stories for new and old characters to enjoy, long-lasting effects Death metalThe epic finale is still fresh in the minds of fans.

With over twenty books in total exploring all aspects, angles and corners of the Death metal event, the sheer number of evil Batmen that populate each book is truly a sight to behold, and now with Death metal Firmly in the rear view mirror, it’s time to look back and make sense of the seemingly endless number of Dark Multiverse Batmen. From visual jokes, to real-named Batmen, to blink and you missed it, to hilarious one-off appearances, bat Man you had a lot of page time at the end of this crisis (and for good reason), so put on your utility belts, speed up that Batmobile, and get ready to take a spin through the Dark Multiverse, Death metal-style.

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The Dark Knights of Evil

Remains of the original Dark Nights: Metal event, it goes without saying that the first dark Batmen to invade the DC universe are some of the best. Returning in a much Smaller capacity in the second round, The Dark Knights consisted of The Drowned (an Aquaman / Batman hybrid), The Dawnbreaker (a Green Lantern Batman), The Merciless (Batman with the helmet of Ares), The Devastator (a hybrid of Doomsday / Batman)), The Murder Machine (an Alfred AI that corrupts Batman’s mind through his mechanical body), The Red Death (a Batman who stole Flash’s speed), and of course The Batman Who Laughs (a Jokerized Batman), as well as his final form. , The darkest knight. Death metal He immediately started running and didn’t look back.

Following these great successes, future issues introduced the Bat-Mage with magical inclinations, the anti-life equation corrupted the Darkfather, the monstrosity of Cthulu Bathomet, the size-changing Batom, the Black Monday composed of Solomon Grundy, the Batman Chiroptor Chemo-like, the Amazo Batman Batmazo, and the Punisher-style Grim Knight. Not to be outdone, Warbat’s composite Mongul, Brainiac / Batman hybrid collector, Red Lantern Atrocitus mix, Batrocitus, Martian Manhunter Mindhunter fusion, Silver Surfer-esque Night Glider, Hugo Strange-like Dr. Arkham. , and the hilariously overblown Batman Wolf, The Batman Who Frags, continued to hit the entirety of the DC universe as his fellow Batmen followed suit.

More Dark Knights of Evil

Evil Batmen fighting

Waiting behind the scenes for his moment to shine, Batman’s AI consciousness was set on both a monster truck (?) Called Batmobeast, and Batcave’s own robotic Tyrannosaurus Rex trophy (!), Perfectly named Batmanasaurus, or for reference. to his even better nickname, “B. Rex. “Along with these wildly unique Batmen is Castle Bat, which is literally a Batman Gotham City, Ark, which is the composite of all the supervillains held in Arkham Asylum, the omnipotent Batmanhattan, who is a Batman with the powers of Dr. Manhattan from Watchmen, Quietus, the combination of Lazarus Pit from Batman, Ra’s Al Ghul and The Signal , and even the cutie pie that is The Batman of Two Lifetimes, a cloned version of Batman who accidentally comes back to life as a literal baby, with a psychotic outlook on life. There is also a team of warriors of the ring of power wielding all the colors of the emotional spectrum called the Rainbow Batman Corps.

In a final push to help the bad guys win, the vampire Batman (hailing from Earth-43 aka Red Rain Batman), a Starro Batman, controlled by an evil Starro (obviously!), And a handful of people nameless but still “in disguise” Batmen put it all into play to try and help the forces of evil to get ahead (spoiler: it didn’t work out well for them). These hybrid Batmen, consisting of a group of composite characters that may not Having proper names, but which can be easily classified based on their costumes and general appearance, they were inspired by other heroes and villains who reside in their corners of the Dark Multiverse and became something else. As seen during the event, Etrigan, Plastic Man, Deathstroke, Scarecrow, Metallo, Clayface, Penguin, Red Tornado, Firefly, Prometheus, Armored Lex Luthor, Court of Owls, Bat Tribe, Mr. Freeze, Bane, and dozens of other villains and heroes have been uniquely combined with one version. different of the Dark Knight to produce even more evil versions of him, each being more sadistic and evil than the last.

Honorable mentions

With all these evil Batmen running around, there are some who don’t technically versions of Batman, but they still count as they were pulled from the depths of the Dark Multiverse along with the rest to lay siege to the worlds above. Daughter of Wonder Woman and Batman, the bloodthirsty character of Kull, The Pearl aka Martha Wayne, Owlman, the evil version of Batman from Earth-3, The Black Fleet consisting of all Batman’s aquatic vehicles and weapons commanded by the Death metal version of Aquaman, and even Robin King, a young Bruce Wayne who never made it to Batman-hood (because he himself killed his parents in Crime Alley), are all versions of Batman in the sense that they have twisted and bastardized the ideals crime fighting of a man who risks his life every night on something almost unrecognizable, turning into monsters and psychopaths in the process. Regardless of his Bat value, the threat these other characters posed to the remaining heroes of the DC universe throughout Death metal it cannot be denied.

So while there may be some more unnoticed or nameless Batmen still kicking the pages of Dark Nights: Death Metal, this “Where’s Wally?” of Batmen is a fun exercise to watch the creative minds behind DC Comics’ biggest event tell a wildly epic story while having fun between panels at the same time. Death metal it could be over but bat ManThe evil brothers will always be there, lurking in the shadows, ready for another chance to fight their way out of the darkness.

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