Face / Off director clarifies that his film is a direct sequel, not a remake

Director Adam Wingard clarifies that his film Face / Off is not a reboot, but a direct sequel to Nicolas Cage and John Travolta’s action movie.

Director Adam Wingard clarifies his new Face / Off The movie is a direct sequel to the original movie and not a reboot. In 1997, Nicolas Cage and John Travolta teamed up for John Woo’s latest action movie. Face / Off follows Travolta as an FBI agent named Sean Archer who swaps his face with a terrorist named Castor Troy, played by Cage, to obtain information on the location of a bomb. The movie’s plot includes Castor Troy later assuming the guise of Sean Archer to try and stop him.

Face / OffThe premise and memorable (and memorable) performances by Cage and Travolta have kept the film in the spirit of pop culture for the past several decades. As with any blockbuster film that has become a recognizable piece of intellectual property, this has led to debates about a new Face / Off movie. It was recently reported that Godzilla vs. Kong Director Adam Wingard is developing a Face / Off restart. This news was met with a mixed reaction online, as many fans of the original do not want to see a different version with a new set of actors and stories.

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In a somewhat surprising update to the recent Face / Off story, the director has clarified that he is not rebooting the classic Cage-Travolta. Instead, Adam Wingard confirmed on his Instagram that he and Simon Barrett are developing a direct sequel to the hit movie. He did not provide any other information on what that means for Face / Offthe story or the cast, but seems pretty happy with the news overall.

With Wingard’s Face / Off Described as a direct sequel to the original, this will immediately spark speculation as to whether Cage and Travolta will return or not. The movie could be a sequel to Face / Off in the sense that it exists in the same world and could refer to the exchange between Archer and Troy, but that would still make it more of a reboot than a continuation of the original. Yes this Face / Off The sequel is really a direct sequel, which could very well mean that Cage and Travolta will return after all.

Making a direct sequel to Face / Off However, bringing both stars back will be a challenge. The original film ends when Castor Troy is shot by a shuttle and presumably dies. This should rule out Cage returning for the sequel, unless the new Face / Off plans to retcon the original ending and say that Troy survived. That’s not necessary if Wingard and Barrett’s idea revolves around continuing the Archer story. He got out of the first movie alive, reunites with his family and adopts a child. With Wingard clarifying his Face / Off it’s a sequel and not a reboot, hopefully it won’t be long before a few more questions about the movie are answered.

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