Since his debut in the 1970s, Denzel Washington has set a standard of excellence in the field of acting that has inspired and motivated his peers. Today, the sixty-six-year-old actor sees his place in the industry from a different perspective than when he started. In a recent interview with Reel Chicago, the actor revealed how to watch his co-stars Jared Leto and Rami Malek film a scene for the recently released The little things it reminded Washington of how far he had come in his career.

“Looking, there’s a scene that we shot with Jared and Rami and they’re in the interrogation room. And I’m in the observation room. The cameras were all there the first half of the day or whatever and I’m just the interrogation room. observation, without the popcorn, just watching these two young men do whatever. Any number of years ago, 30 years ago, I was the young man with Gene Hackman or whoever. But now I’m the guy who watches the young It was fascinating … to see her joust, if you will. “

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The little things tells the story of Joe “Deke” Deacon, played by Denzel Washington, a Kern County deputy sheriff, who is obsessed with catching a serial killer who escaped his clutches years ago and has now resurfaced. Rami Malek joins Deacon as LASD Detective Jim Baxter, who has his own way of doing things, and has been discouraged from involving Deacon in the investigation.

The duo manage to temporarily put their differences aside to work on the case. They conclude that the killer must be a man named Albert Sparma, a humble repair shop worker who is obsessed with crime and mentally unstable. The rest of the film sees the three characters arguing with each other and the truth of the murders.

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While all the actors have received praise for their roles in The little thingsLeto has been especially praised. The actor is well known for going out of his way to act methodically while playing his characters, even if it makes his co-stars uncomfortable. In the case of The little things, Washington previously revealed that Leto refrained from using any stunt method, perhaps out of respect for Washington’s seniority. In fact, it was the veteran actor who stalked Leto without his knowledge to get into character.

“[Leto] i didn’t do any of that [method acting tricks] with me. Nah. They would have paid him a visit. That wouldn’t happen … I stayed away from him. He stayed away from me, respectfully. We bowed or nodded from across the road. Literally one day we nodded across the road … I would follow. Sometimes she was outside his apartment and he didn’t know it. I won’t say anything else about it. I’ll put it this way, I didn’t know. “

Starring Denzel Washington, Rami Malek, Jared Leto, Michael Hyatt, Chris Bauer, and Natalie Morales, The little things it is showing in theaters and airing on HBO Max. This news comes from Reel360.

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