FIX: Are you afraid of the dark? The Curse of Shadows balances cozy nostalgia and jumping scares

The second season of Are You Afraid of the Dark? Nickelodeon’s revival, Curse of the Shadows, features a new cast while embracing the past.

The new season of Are you afraid of the dark? does not throw any punches. Curse of the shadows it’s immediately spooky, and the all-new cast and setting mean audiences can dive right into the scary story. Despite its limited relationship with the first season of Nickelodeon’s revival, Are you afraid of the dark? Curse of the shadows is aware of his roots, with many references to appease longtime fans.

The season premiere, “The Tale of the Haunted Wood,” features Luke and his friends Jai, Gabby and Hanna as they try to find out what happened to their friend and leader of the Midnight Society, Connor. Hanna’s brother Seth also joins the team, and together they discover a curse that haunts the local forests, with a tall, creepy monster named Shadowman hunting anyone who is caught in the forest after sunset. It seems that Connor might be caught in the curse, and the Mystery Society is determined to find the truth to find his friend.

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While the first season necessarily redesigned the Midnight Society, the introduction of new actors and characters for the second season sets up the show to continually update the lineup to tell a full story and then move on. It also suggests that there could be versions of the Midnight Society across the country, a potentially extended club with many branches.

Are you afraid of the dark?  Midnight society

Viewers also know this Midnight Society differently than the first season. The arrival of a newcomer and her incorporation into the club served as a way to bring the public closer to the mystery of Doom carnival. In season 2, Are you afraid of the dark? expect viewers to know what they have gotten into, so you won’t waste time on a presentation. Instead, the mystery of this season is dropped into the hands of an established group.

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Members of the Midnight Society are also much closer together than they were in season 1. Not only did the previous season work to introduce a stranger to the group, but the premise of the club was that it allowed people from different social groups to join. . a shared love for horror. While actual meetings of the Midnight Society seemed friendly, interactions during daylight, and particularly at school, had to take place in secret. Part of that was keeping the club low, but it also served to keep disparate social groups apart. The popular cheerleader and the geek horror buff could be friends, but only if they kept their interactions out of sight of the rest of the critical students.

Season 2 ends that nonsense. Members of the Midnight Society are real, real friends – Connor apparently has a habit of sneaking into Luke’s room, while Luke and Gabby meet regularly at their food service job. It’s a relief not to have to deal with elementary school social nightmares and instead focus on a scary story.

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Are you afraid of the dark?  Sardo and Midnight Society

Curse of the shadows it also tells a different kind of spooky story from the first season. While terrifying clowns and a Pete Wentz-looking carnival ringleader were compelling in Doom carnival, Shadowman from season 2 creates some satisfying opportunities to freak out. When Luke receives a curse at the end of the premiere, there is an extended scene of him unknowingly fighting the Shadowman for control of the lights in his room that not only draws the show’s opening for a nice circular narrative structure, but also provides a genuine sense. of dread.

The season 2 premiere also offers callbacks to the original series, the best and most prominent of which is the return of Sardo (albeit with a different actor in the role), the owner of Magic Mansion, whose gags and tricks at exorbitant prices frequently. it turned out to be magical.

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Are you afraid of the dark?  Sardinian

Sardo’s role in the premiere receives a special new prominence: it is I KNOW who utters the ritual words, “Submitted to the approval of the Midnight Society.” His account of the curse underscores the revival’s commitment to the story of Are you afraid of the dark? incorporating favorite characters and acknowledging the expectation and need for ritual words. But it also updates the format, putting the story around a table with candles instead of around a fire in the forest.

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Are you afraid of the dark? Curse of the shadows it feels more like a reinvention than a second season in all the best ways. The new Midnight Society offers an attractive setting for a truly creepy story without the teenage social drama of the first season. With an increase in the overall creepiness and number of episodes, the new season is a genuinely attractive watch for all ages, if they think they can handle the Shadowman, sure.

Are you afraid of the dark? The Curse of Shadows stars Bryce Gheisar, Arjun Athalye, Beatrice Kitsos, Malia Baker, Dominic Mariche, and Parker Queenan. The season premieres Friday, February 12 at 8 p.m. ET / PT on Nickelodeon.

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