Galaxy Tab S7 vs. iPad 8: Best Tablet Under $ 650?

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S7 is the company’s second best tablet, but is it better than Apple’s iPad 8 after upgrading to more storage and a stylus?

SamsungThe Galaxy Tab S7 is the smallest size of its high-end tablet, but since Apple is the leader in tablets, it can be useful to compare it to the company’s cheapest offering, the iPad 8. How good is the iPad? And can the entry-level model match a more expensive tablet from main competitor Samsung? By checking the hardware, operating system, and ecosystem, the relative value of these two tablets can be better understood and compared.

The history of the tablet is long and complicated, but the idea is probably as old as chiseled stone, a way to store and use information in a portable form that is large enough to be useful, but not so big as to be cumbersome. . Sci-fi authors proposed something similar to modern tablets at least since 1951 when Isaac Asimov wrote about the Calculator Pad in Foundation. There were some small PDAs (personal digital assistants) that preceded the smartphone, but the need for something bigger was clear. Some Windows-based tablet PCs have tried and failed, largely because they were too bulky and not supported enough. Fast forward to 2010 and the slim and light iPad stood out as the device that finally made sense. Once again, Apple was late to market, but managed to fix enough early mistakes to be successful. Later that year, Samsung responded with its first Galaxy Tab.

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Samsung released four tablets in 2020 segmented into the mid-range Galaxy Tab A series and the high-end Tab S series. The Galaxy Tab S7 and S7 + are quite similar, but the plus It has better screen technology and is larger at 12.4 inches. the Tab S7 It has the same Qualcomm Snapdragon 865+ processor, S Pen, 120Hz screen refresh rate, and microSD card slot. With an 11-inch screen and an optional removable keyboard with trackpad, it can be converted from tablet mode to laptop mode with an easy-to-read screen size. Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S7 is among the best Android tablets available. If you’re not sure if Android is the right choice, comparing it to an iPad 8 can be helpful. Apple’s lowest-cost tablet, the iPad 8 It has a smaller 10.2-inch screen with a 60Hz refresh rate and an A12 processor which, despite being designed in 2018, still pairs well with the Snapdragon 865+ in Geekbench CPU speed tests. The iPad 8 is compatible with the Apple Pencil, but it is not included. An optional removable keyboard is available and iPadOS now allows it to be used with a mouse or trackpad. The entry-level iPad 8 comes with 64GB of storage, but a 128GB version is available.

Galaxy Tab S7 Vs iPad 8: Best Price

Samsung tablet

Starting at $ 650 for the base 128GB version, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 offers good value for anyone looking for a powerful and expandable Android tablet. Apple’s iPad 8 starts at just $ 329, but that’s with just 32GB of storage. Not to mention, the only possible expansion is through the Lightning port, which means that an adapter is required to connect a USB drive. Instead, it makes more sense to go for the 128GB option which brings the cost up to $ 429, though that’s still around $ 230 less than Samsung’s tablet. However, the Galaxy Tab S7 includes the S Pen. Adding the Apple Pencil cost of $ 129 to the iPad 8 brings the total price to $ 558 and the comparison becomes more interesting. Currently, the Galaxy Tab S7 is on sale for $ 570, which makes the two tablets a difference of $ 20 from each other. Since the sale price won’t last, it’s best to consider that the base model of Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S7 costs $ 92 more than an iPad 8, with the same amount of storage and a pressure-sensitive stylus included.

This raises the question of whether the Galaxy Tab S7 has enough added value to justify the additional expense. The operating system and the ecosystem can play a factor in the decision, of course. Anyone with an iPhone or Mac will appreciate the ease of integrating an iPad into their life. The same is true for Samsung owners or anyone who uses an Android phone, as most applications can be used on tablets within the same family of operating systems. The microSD storage expansion available with the Galaxy Tab S7 is far more attractive and useful than the iPad 8’s requirement for an adapter and USB drive. So those who need more onboard storage should consider Samsung’s tablet. In fact, the Galaxy Tab S7 can be purchased with up to 512GB of internal storage and the microSD card still allows the possibility of a total of 1TB. The Samsung tablet also has a larger and more pleasant display with a smooth 120Hz scrolling and a wide color gamut. Overall, it has better hardware, and unless the lure of the ecosystem pushes the buyer towards Apple, the Samsung Galaxy S7 offers better value, compared to a similarly equipped Apple iPad 8.

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