Genshin Impact Character Leaks – Who is Dottore

Genshin Impact has an incredible number of characters that are still unplayable. One of them is Il Dottore, a villain from the Genshin Impact manga.

New playable characters always arrive Genshin Impact. However, there are an incredible number of characters that cannot be played yet, but many fans hope so. One of them is Dottore, or Il Dottore, a mysterious character and villain from Genshin Impactofficial manga. Even though it’s not in the game yet, many fans speculate that they will eventually add it.

Dottore is quite unique in the fact that he is a prominent character in the manga, with some major connections to characters like Barbatos and Diluc, but he has not appeared in the game at all. Many of the leaked and rumored playable characters have in-game footage or at least one Genshin Impact teaser trailer, like Lynette and Lyney, but Dottore appeared strictly in the manga so far.

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Most of what fans know about Dottore comes from the free manga at Genshin ImpactOfficial site. He is a ruthless and powerful man, and he is a member of Fatui Harbingers. At some point before the events of the game, he visited Mondstadt as a diplomat and even defeated Ursa the Drake. This is important because Ursa the Drake had wreaked havoc in Monstadt for at least a thousand years, and Ursa’s defeat put the nation in debt to the Fatui, thus giving the Fatui and Dottore more power. He is certainly an important character, but will that mean that he will be added Genshin Impact early?

When can Dottore be added to Genshin Impact

impact dottore genshin

Of all the characters that have been rumored and leaked by Genshin Impact So far, Dottore’s addition to the game is the hardest to predict. This is because he has not appeared in the game (although Tartaglia and his brother stumble upon one of Dottore’s research facilities) and his whereabouts and current relationship to the story are unknown.

However, despite not being in the game yet, Dottore is definitely one of the most important story characters in the game. Genshin Impact. Because of this, it should at least appear in the game at some point in the future. Whether or not it will actually become playable is another matter. Fatui Harbingers like Tartaglia have been made playable, while others like Signora and Scaramouche are rumored to be added as Banner characters in a future update. So for now, it’s pretty uncertain whether Dottore will ever be playable or not.

Until developer miHoYo officially announces something about Dottore, or until fans find out about his fate in a future chapter of the manga, anything is possible. However, given the importance of Dottore’s story, it seems likely that he will at least appear in Genshin Impact at some point, even if he never becomes a playable character.

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Source: Genshin Impact/ myHoYo

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