Gods Will Fall: How to Defeat Carnoccus (Boss Guide)

There are many different types of difficult bosses for players to face off in Gods Will Fall. This guide shows players how to defeat Carnoccus.

Facing all the different enemies in The gods will fall it can be a very difficult process for players. Each of the game’s enemies has a wide range of attacks at their disposal and all of them will require different strategies and techniques to take them down. Players may have to fight super fast infantrymen with swords or spears, large monster-like enemies that can knock down half of the player’s health bar in one hit, or even beastly creatures that are filled with rage. and chaos.

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Certainly, although the enemies that will cause the most problems for players in The gods will fall It is the gods themselves that serve as the game’s boss battles. These enemies have massive health bars, are capable of dealing massive amounts of damage, and have special abilities that can decimate a player very quickly. One of these gods is Carnoccus, the god of nature, who will force players to be fast and cunning if they want to survive. This guide shows players how to defeat Carnoccus.

Gods Will Fall – How to Weaken Carnoccus

Gods Will Fall God Realm Dungeon

Carnoccus is the God of Nature and a giant monstrous boar that will not hesitate to bleed the player as soon as he enters the arena. Where Carnoccus is separated from the other gods is that the player can attempt to fight this being as soon as he enters his kingdom. The Carnoccus arena will be directly north of where the player appears when entering the level, but trying to defeat the God right away is not a good idea. Instead, players will want to explore the immediate area to find ways to make this fight easier for them.

The first thing the player will want to do is go around the entrance to the arena and head north. Along the way, the player must defeat a few different types of enemies depending on the difficulty level of the kingdom. They will eventually come across a rocky outcrop that can be climbed. At the top, there will be two wooden structures that resemble horns that the player can destroy by attacking. Doing this will remove Carnoccus’s horns, preventing him from doing as much damage to the player during the fight.

Once this is done, the player will want to travel southeast from the entrance to the arena. Along the way, the player will have to once again fight various enemies in order to safely navigate the area. The player will eventually find a strange plant that he can attack, but will be surrounded by several strong enemies. Once these minions have been dispatched, the player will be able to destroy the plant, helping to further weaken Carnoccus. This will remove the vines from the beast’s body, slowing it down when it tries to charge the player.

The last way to weaken this boss is to travel to the southwestern part of the map from the arena entrance. The player will need to be very careful as there will be several holes in the ground that will have to be avoided or jumped to get where they want to go, as well as various types of difficult enemies along the way. In a small section in the farthest southwest corner, the player will find three stone pillars surrounded by strong enemies. Defeat these enemies, then destroy the pillars to further weaken Carnoccus. By destroying these pillars, the player will significantly knock down Carnoccus’s health and give himself a considerable advantage over the boss.

The player will then need to return to the boss arena area, but now they will have to be very careful. If they destroyed all three Carnoccus weak points, three very strong minions will appear just outside the entrance. Defeat them or run into the arena to face the boss.

Gods Will Fall – How to Defeat Carnoccus

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Now that the player has managed to weaken the boss considerably, it will be much easier to defeat him. While the player can defeat the boss using any of his warriors, it is strongly recommended that the player use a faster warrior with a spear or the twin mace weapons. This will allow the player to quickly get out of the way of Carnoccus’ attacks or stop them before they can take damage. The spear in particular will be incredibly useful due to the range the weapon gives the player and allows him to attack Carnoccus without getting too close to the boss. The boss only has a few attacks that the player will have to worry about:

Load – The main attack Carnoccus will employ during this fight is a charge attack, as he rushes straight towards the player. This will deal a large amount of damage and will cause the player to fall to the ground. Carnoccus will do this several times in a row before moving on to the next attack.

Body blow – The only other attack Carnoccus has at his disposal is an extremely strong melee attack that will be used against the player several times in a row before returning to Charge. This attack is very lethal for players of all skill levels.

As soon as the player enters the boss arena, Carnoccus will immediately begin his charge attacks. The boss will start on the opposite side of the arena and charge directly at the player to deal damage. There are a couple of ways to deal with this attack. If the player is fast, he can completely dodge the attack, but this can be very difficult. The other way is to try to stop the attack, which is actually quite easy. Dodging Carnoccus will allow the player to avoid all the damage from the attack and prepare to deal a lot of damage to the boss. The player will want to parry and then dash close to Carnoccus to attack him a couple of times. Then they must walk away before the boss reloads.

After doing this attack several times in a row, Carnoccus will start trying to hit the player with his body. This attack is incredibly difficult to avoid unless the player is quick on their feet. They will have to wait until the boss rises into the air and then quickly dash to the sides before Carnoccus can land on them. Once they dodge the attack, they will be able to zoom in and attack a couple of times before the boss gets back up. Carnoccus will use this attack several times in a row before finally returning to his charge attack. From here on, the fight will be repeated and the player will only have to keep dodging and stopping to take down Carnoccus forever.

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The gods will fall It can be played on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

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