NBC’s Good Girls is a female-centric crime comedy-drama with three seasons under its belt, but who is in the cast and what characters do they play?

Who is in the cast of Good girls and what characters do they play? NBC Good girls is a female-centered crime comedy-drama created by talented television broadcaster Jenna Bans, who cut her teeth writing and producing on other female-centered shows, such as Desperate housewives. The show tells the story of three suburban Michigan mothers who decide to solve their financial problems by carrying out a heist at a grocery store, but soon find themselves falling deeper into a life of crime than they originally expected.

Good girls has been compared to similarly graphed programs like Breaking Bad and has three well-received seasons under his belt thus far. Although Good girls Season 3 was forced to shorten its run from sixteen episodes to just eleven due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the series has already been renewed by NBC for a fourth season that will premiere in early March 2021.

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Before season 4 hits screens, here’s a quick guide to the cast of Good girls and its characters.

Retta, Christina Hendricks and Mae Whitman in Good Girls

Christina Hendricks by Beth Boland

Crazy men star Christina Hendricks plays Beth Boland, a homemaker and mother of four. She is the unofficial leader of the trio and becomes a criminal after her cheating and spending husband leaves her family in debt.

Retta – Ruby Hill

Ruby Hill is Beth’s best friend since childhood and a waitress struggling to pay for her sick daughter’s medical bills. She is portrayed by actress and comedian Retta, best known for her role in Parks and Recreation.

Mae Whitman as Annie Marks

Mae Whitman plays the role of Beth’s younger sister, Annie Marks, a single mother of one. Annie works at the grocery store that she, Beth, and Ruby rob in the first episode of Good girls.

Reno Wilson – Stan Hill

Stan Hill is Ruby’s husband who works as a police officer and soon finds himself risking his career to cover up the crimes of Ruby, Beth and Annie. Stan is played by Mike and molly star Reno Wilson.

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Manny Montana – River

The criminal activities of Beth, Ruby, and Annie lead them to become entangled with the local crime lord Rio, to whom they end up owing a large sum of money. Manny Montana from Graceland fame plays the character.

Lidya Jewett by Sara Hill

By Lidya Jewett Good girls The role is Sara Hill, Ruby and Stan’s little daughter who suffers from kidney disease. Beyond Good girls, Jewett is known for her role on the Nickelodeon sitcom WITS Academy.

Matthew Lillard as Dean Boland

Shout Star Matthew Lillard plays Beth’s high school sweetheart turned husband Dean Boland, a womanizing car salesman whose money-wasting ways lead her to pull off the grocery store heist.

Isaiah Stannard – Ben Marks

Ben Marks is Annie’s son who came out as trans during Good girls season 2 and adopted its new name. Ben is played by up and coming trans actor Isaiah Stannard.

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