Green Lantern: Teen Lantern’s new partner is a POWERFUL DC icon

Teen Lantern is trapped in a mysterious sector of space in Future State, but her new partner is one of the most powerful beings in DC.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Future State’s “Dead Space” story: Green Lantern # 2 by Josie Campbell, Andie Tong, Wil Quintana and Dave Sharpe, out now.

The Green Lanterns of Future state they have been taken down, leaving the universe more or less defenseless. But two of them have secretly survived thanks to each other and could survive until help arrives.

In Future state: Green Lantern # 2, Teen Lantern is one of the many Green Lanterns stranded in the Future state timeline. But she still has a powerful ally with her: Mogo.

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Teen Lantern Green Lantern Mogo

Teen Lantern is a unique figure among the Green Lantern Corps. Thanks to the unique modifications that Keli Quintela made to a discovered Green Lantern Ring, Teen Lantern has become one of the most unique figures in the entire DC Universe. Even the Guardians aren’t quite sure what to make of it. Teen Lantern is ordered to meet with Jo Mullein and investigate the unique energy firm and Mogo is assigned as a partner. But the pair find themselves in a dark sector devoid of known worlds or life when any mysterious event that weakened the Green Lanterns sweeps across the galaxy. One of the most affected is Mogo, which without its connection to the central battery becomes more or less inert.

Teen Lantern’s glove maintains a small amount of power, but it is not enough to deal with the mysterious and deadly aliens that come to Mogo in the depths of the universe. Keli is able to hide in the natural jungle that covers Mogo, surviving long enough for Mogo to connect to her personal battery and give the living planet enough energy to communicate with her again. The two openly admit that they are afraid of what is coming and their situations. But the pair make a deal to work together in the dark times, with the Teen Lantern feeding Mogo enough to keep him alive. While the pair don’t have the extra power to help them escape from the dark sector of the galaxy, and using the battery to power Mogo means Teen Lantern can’t use their builds, they have enough power to stay alive and await potential. rescue.

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Teen Lantern Mogo Upgrade

It’s a fun reveal about Mogo’s fate in the Future State era and gives hope that perhaps other Lanterns survived across the universe as well. It also gives one of the newer Lanterns the biggest partner possible. Mogo’s wealth of knowledge could end up being a blessing for Keli, who could learn about the history of the Corps and potentially even give the young inventive some fresh ideas for when they return to the known universe. Together, they might even prove capable enough to survive the chaotic and dangerous galaxy that has grown since the destruction of the Green Lantern Corps. If the pair end up surviving long enough for reinforcements to find them, then the two could remain allies in the future.

Now that Jo has teamed up with Hal Jordan and is likely to find out the truth of what happened to his power rings, there is a chance that Jo will finally go out in search of the young woman he was ordered to meet years before. And along the way, they might end up bringing Mogo back to the light as well. With Mogo’s size and power, his potential return might even give the few remaining Lanterns a truly powerful ally.

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