The reason why Guardians of the Galaxy The franchise has become so popular within the MCU because of how unique each character is. Their personalities are totally different, as are their abilities and powers, which is what makes them so much fun to watch. But while they are a great team, there is no doubt that they also like to argue and fight.

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Debates about who is the strongest and who is the leader are commonplace among the group, and one way to resolve the debate would be to enter all the characters in this franchise in the The Hunger Games. A real test to see which character is really the best and who will stand tall in the end.

10 The collector

The Collector Guardians of the Galaxy

Of all the characters that appear within the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise, it is The Collector who would be the first to die in The Hunger Games. He is a very eccentric character and someone who has great knowledge of the universe, which could allow him to stay alive for a brief moment.

However, in the end, it would be easy to eliminate and kill him, simply because The Collector is not a fighter. He wouldn’t stand a chance against these other characters, because while he might have an extensive collection of creatures, the reason is that they are trapped. When it comes to a fight for his life, The Collector would be easily defeated.

9 Nebula

Avengers Endgame Nebula

Nebula is a skilled fighter and someone who could certainly do a lot of damage, but the problem for her is that she can be quite hotheaded, often rushing into situations, which isn’t ideal for the Hunger Games setting as that’s how it takes people away.

Nebula doesn’t always know how to think for herself either, and her desire to take her sister down would likely lead her to make a big mistake early on, allowing someone else to take her out.

8 Big

It really depends on which version of Groot was going to enter the Hunger Games as to how his survival would go. A full-fledged adult Groot would obviously be a real threat, simply because of his size and strength, while Baby Groot would be the first to die within the Games.

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When it comes to Groot as a teenager, he’d be in trouble too, and considering that two versions of the character aren’t going to work out well, that’s not a good sign for him. Teenage Groot is simply not interested in anything and would probably be frustrated that his technology had been taken away from him.

7 Ronan the Accuser


Ronan The Accuser is someone who has a lot of strength and power, which is something that would be very advantageous within the Hunger Games. He is also an aggressive person, which means he would probably be willing to hurt as many people as possible, making him a real threat from the start.

However, even though Ronan would do absolutely some harm, he is also someone who has major anger issues and lets that get the better of him. To survive the Hunger Games, people have to be calm and relaxed, and be able to make a long-term plan, which Ronan simply cannot do.

6 Mantis

Mantis would likely spend a large chunk of her time hiding within the Hunger Games, and her supreme intelligence would be a real difference maker for her. Being smart is something that can lead to great success and survival within this competition, and it would be very helpful to Mantis.

His only downside would be that other characters are a bit more ruthless when it comes to fighting. This means that if they caught Mantis they would probably get her out of the Games quickly, so she’s not much of a threat to win.

5 Drax

Drax has some major positives and negatives that make him a potential underdog to win, but also someone who could lose early on. The most positive thing about Drax is obviously the fact that he is incredibly strong and is a great fighter, which would put him in a good position against anyone who faced him.

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However, Drax is also incredibly emotional and that often leads him to rush into situations, rather than think about them logically, which could put him in serious danger. Of course, if Drax mastered the art of invisibility, then he would become a true favorite to win.

4 Rocket raccoon

Rocket Racoon is the type of character who would thrive within the Hunger Games, especially if he could get his hands on a few weapons to cause some devastation. However, Rocket is also the type of character who would get overly arrogant about things.

There is always an arrogant character within The Hunger Games, and while they usually impress and kill a lot of tributes, they usually end up failing to win. Rocket may be small enough to hide in some cool spots, but he’s also loud enough to get caught, which would be his downfall.

3 Star-lord

Chris Pratt as Star Lord in Avengers Endgame

Star-Lord is the main character within this franchise, and while he sometimes makes big mistakes because he doesn’t always listen, there is no question that he is very skilled. Whether it’s because of his ability to soar into the air with his rocket boosters, fight with his hands, or with weapons, he’s someone who could fight the best.

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On top of that, because Star-Lord is quite a charming person, he would probably end up convincing someone to be part of a team with him from the start, which would provide strength in numbers. He is someone who always seems to have luck on his side, which would only increase his chances of survival.

2 Yondu

While Yondu is a bit talkative, which might get attention, there is no denying that he is very dangerous. He is an experienced fighter and someone who has seen it all, which means there should be no real surprises for him.

Yondu would be smart enough to avoid fights unless he knows he’s going to win at that point. However, the fact that he has his whistle-controlled arrow means that he could take people out without even having to get close to them, which is a huge advantage for him.

one Gamora

Gamora brings the perfect qualities to the Hunger Games competition, as she is deadly and very quiet. Unlike some of the other characters in this franchise who like to make a scene or as much noise as possible, Gamora would have the ability to remain hidden due to the fact that she is much more patient than the rest.

However, just because it would bide its time doesn’t mean it isn’t dangerous. Gamora is someone who would attack when the time was right, and because she is such a skilled fighter, she would likely come out on top of any duel, ultimately leading to victory.

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