Guardians of the Galaxy Vs Thanos: Who Wins?

The MCU has brought many Marvel heroes to life in spectacular fashion. Even dark comic book characters like the Guardians of the Galaxy are now familiar names to fans. This rag-tag group met during Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 1, when Peter Quill / Star-Lord made his peace with Gamora the assassin and other third parties.

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Over time, the Guardians recruited even more talented misfits into the gang, including Yondu the Devastator and Mantis, an empath who could tame the mighty Ego. As powerful as the Guardians are, can this gang take on Thanos and his minions? The Guardians of the Galaxy will need everything they have to challenge the Mad Titan.

10 GUARDIANS: They are unpredictable

Guardians of the Galaxy Star Lord 2

The Guardians are a collection of misfits and rogues, who can often work to their advantage. Dishonest groups like this don’t get much support from regular armies or governments, but they can easily use the element of surprise to make up for it. Regular army leaders and commanders are governed by the book, but not the Guardians. They’ll come up with a daring or exotic plan on the fly, or act without a strategy at all, leaving opponents like Thanos in a loop.

9 THANOS: His immense strength

Thanos beats Hulk in Avengers: Infinity War

Thanos has many assets on his side, and one of them is his incredible physical strength. In an early sequence in Infinity war, Thanos fought the Incredible Hulk alone. After receiving a surprise hit from the green giant, Thanos responded. With minimal help from the Infinity Stones, Thanos took a beating that left even the mighty Hulk beaten and bruised. Not everyone can survive against the Hulk, much less beat him like he’s nothing.

8 GUARDIANS: Star-Lord and Rocket are ace pilots

Star-Lord Chris Pratt

Some characters in the MCU are comfortable behind the controls of any vehicle. Star-Lord and Rocket Raccoon are expert pilots, and the latter was truly bred and designed for the job. They can fly faster than anyone chasing their ship and dodge them.

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On the offensive, Star-Lord and Rocket can pass a squad of interceptor ships and begin firing machine guns at an enemy ship or space station, while dropping off or picking up people along the way. Everything is possible with the right boat.

7 THANOS: Your capital ship

Thanos Thor Ragnarok Ship

Every supervillain needs a secret lair or fancy ship, and Thanos has a really huge spaceship at his disposal. At the end of Thor: Ragnarok, this gigantic ship appeared out of nowhere (so to speak) and cornered the Asgardian ship. With a container like this, Thanos can lay waste to almost any enemy that ends up in his crosshairs. If a ground campaign proved difficult or unnecessary, Thanos could “crystallize” a planet from orbit.

6 GUARDIANS: Gamora and Nebula have inside information

Gamora was once Thanos’ adopted daughter along with the primarily mechanical Nebula. Since then, they have both switched sides to the Guardians and the Avengers, bringing some secrets with them.

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Thanos is unlikely to share everybody of his secrets and plans with Gamora and Nebula, but these two Guardians can provide insight into how Thanos operates, exposing his few weaknesses.

5 THANOS: His powerful minions

Michael James Shaw as Corvus Glaive

Gamora and Nebula may have abandoned Thanos, but the Mad Titan has other minions like Corvus Glaive and Proxima Midnight. These powerful aliens will go anywhere and do anything for Thanos, and they will show no mercy against his enemies. Each of these minions has their own abilities, but they are quite inflexible in the way they fight, which means that a cunning opponent like the Guardians can outmaneuver them if they try hard enough.

4 GUARDIANS: They can mix anywhere

Star-Lord and his father Ego in Guardians of the Galaxy

Thanos may be powerful, but it’s easy to see him coming, with that massive capital ship and his thuggish alien minions. By contrast, Guardians are rogues who can fit into a crowd or disguise themselves (although adult Groot is a bit conspicuous).

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Even if Drax can’t really turn invisible, the Guardians can elude their enemies, sneak into hostile territory, or hide their actions on any planet and avoid Thanos’s wrath until they’re ready to face him. It pays to be subtle.

3 THANOS: Will do anything to win

Almost every character in the MCU has the courage and guts to do whatever it takes to achieve victory. But most heroes, even Guardians, will hesitate to cross certain lines or cause great collateral damage during a fight. Thanos, meanwhile, will take whatever steps he must to win, from turning friends against one another, taking hostages, destroying planets, or coercing people with dirty secrets. Thanos is not scrupulous about anything.

two TUTORS: They are resourceful

Guardians aren’t just unpredictable, they’re resourceful. Charming and personable action heroes generally rely more on their wits than overwhelming power, so they can shock the audience as much as they shock the villain.

Time and again, the Guardians worked their way out of a desperate situation with everything at hand, from improvised explosives and batteries, to stealing spaceships. They are never unarmed, even when facing Thanos on distant worlds.

1 THANOS: He’s elaborate and cunning.


It’s true that Guardians are smart, but Thanos doesn’t just have strength on his side. He can be cunning and cunning, and he’s perfectly willing to trick his opponents into giving him what he wants. Thanos has many spies and agents throughout the universe, and is quite knowledgeable about who is who or what is what. You can try to predict your opponents’ next move, then set a trap and throw it on them later. Or you can eliminate your enemy’s options one by one.

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