Hades is a roguelike action game that fans love. It is a unique game with some. excellent character relationships. These are the best.

hell is a roguelike action game that fans can’t get enough of. It’s a unique game in many ways, but especially in how it naturally integrates death into the narrative. This, combined with the smooth combat, beautiful graphics, and unique soundtrack of the game, makes it a game that many people are obsessed with.

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Another thing that people love hell it’s how it focuses on Greek mythology and the gods but with new twists and features. While romance and friendships are not the main goals of the game, they are well written and compelling. And some of them are better than others.

9 Hades and Dusa

zagreus and dusa from hades

Dusa is not the typical gorgon you imagine. Instead, she is a disembodied, nervous, and dedicated entity that keeps things running smoothly in the House of Hades. While she seems to have a crush on Hades at first, pursuing this romantic tale isn’t as satisfying as the other two options.

After giving her nectar and ambrosia, it turns out that she just wants to be close friends. And while this is endearing, it’s a bit anticlimactic. It is not convincing in a romantic sense or as interesting as some of the other platonic friendships in the game.

8 Persephone and Hades

hades and persephone

This couple could be one of the best known in the entire narrative.but by far not the most interesting romantic couple. Mainly, this is because this story is more developed and the approach to her love story doesn’t feel as groundbreaking as some of the others.

Hades is a gruff god who doesn’t want to show his feelings, while Persephone is the mild goddess. It feels a bit lackluster and stereotypical.

7 Orpheus and Eurydice

Orpheus and Eurydice of Hades

The main reason this couple is lower on the list is that Orpheus is a bit annoying and doesn’t really deserve Eurydice. She is one of the most attractive and fun characters in history, but it is difficult to want to root so they can get back together.

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Orpheus didn’t give Eurydice credit for her own musical abilities, and the way he saw her as his muse is a bit disgusting. Eurydice would probably be better off finding a new love in the underworld.

6 Eurydice and Zagreus

Zagreus and Eurydice of Hades

On the other hand, the friendship between Eurydice and Zagreus is really well done. Eurydice is smart, warm and beautiful, and her singing skills are excellent.

She offers Zagreus a delicious meal in Asphodel that helps him in his quest, and little by little he comes to know the story of her life. He’s one of the most underrated characters in the game, and giving him a new narrative outside of the traditional was a smart move.

5 Achilles and Zagreus

zagreus achilles

Similar to Zagreus’s relationship with Eurydice is his close friendship with Achilles. These two have known each other for a long time and Achilles has trained Zagreus to face the shadows and any other monsters he encounters.

Zagreus clearly wants to help Achilles find happiness in his afterlife, and Achilles is also there to offer words of wisdom in return. Their friendship is long-lasting and deep, and it’s great to see it develop.

4 Zagreus and Megaera


While romantically chasing after Dusa isn’t that rewarding, the romance between Zagreus and Meg is a lot of fun. If you like tropes from enemies to lovers, this couple is perfect for you. These two clearly already have a history, and there is a lot of chemistry between them.

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In time, one can win favor with Meg enough to secure a bond with her, but players will still be able to fight in a way that feels like foreplay. It’s a great romance, but sometimes, it would be nice if things went beyond the physical with these two.

3 Zagreus and Thanatos

thanatos hades

The one relationship fans really can’t get enough of is Zagreus and Thanatos. These two complement each other well, as Thanos is the stoic personification of death and Zagreus is basically the god of blood / life.

These two already have a close friendship bond, and little by little they begin to realize romantic feelings for each other resulting in a beautiful romantic relationship. This romance feels like the perfect balance between attraction and emotional connection.

two Zagreus, Thanatos and Meg

meg zagreus thanatos

While the relationship between Zag and Than may carry a bit more emotional weight, the great thing about Hades is that you don’t even have to choose between the two main love interests.

This is rare in video games and is a great example of polyamorous representation. Zagreus can date both of them and neither of them cares at all. Chasing both of them also leads to great conversations about love with many other characters.

1 Achilles and Patroclus

achilles patronize hades

While the new relationships explored in the game with Zagreus and his lovers and friends are great, the most satisfying romance of all is the one between Achilles and Patroclus.

The myth of these two is tragic and the game gives a beautiful resolution to their story. It’s a happy ending to a story that has been sad for centuries. Bringing these two together is one of the more difficult storylines, as players must complete many other missions and favors to get to this one. but it is also one of the most rewarding.

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