Harry Potter: 10 Characters The Movies Left Out That Should Appear In The TV Series

A common criticism of the Harry Potter movies is that certain characters from the books were not included. To the filmmakers’ credit, it was not easy to adapt all the characters as the runtime of the films did not allow all the plots to be incorporated the way they were in the original story.

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With the probability of a Harry Potter TV series, the extended runtime that this show will bring may make it possible to adapt previously written characters, if they fit the new plot. There are many characters that made quite a big impact, while others are not as necessary but whose inclusion will make the TV series seem authentic in the books.

10 Winky the house elf

Winky from Harry Potter

Most know facts about Dobby the house elf, but movie fans will know nothing about Winky. She was Barty Crouch’s elf, very loyal to that, and had a central role in Barty Crouch Jr.’s slavery and escape.

The TV series would have plenty of time to do SPEW’s story justice and Winky’s submissive behavior was an important part of Hermione fighting for the rights of the house elves. The role of Winky can benefit both Barty Crouch Jr’s story and shape Hermione’s characterization.

9 Hepzibah Smith

The movies showed where the Horcruxes were hidden by Voldemort, but the main attraction of discovering these items was how Voldemort had acquired them. Hepzibah Smith was the woman who had the Hufflepuff cup in her possession, which Voldemort enchanted her to reveal to him.

The inclusion of Hepzibah will adapt the scene where Voldemort really began to display his dark nature in his youth, when his hunger for power and sense of entitlement got out of hand. It would also improve the Pensieve sequence, which was too hasty in the movies.

8 Mrs. Crouch

Going solely for the goblet of fire movie, Barty Crouch Jr. might seem to have one of the worst bows, as he was shown alone as a maniac. However, the books gave him a great story, as his mother took his place in Azkaban and made him impersonate her to escape.

The inclusion of Mrs. Crouch in the TV series may allow the entire Barty Crouch plot to hold his son captive at home and the latter’s final plan with Voldemort to unfold. Ms. Crouch is also the only thing that makes Crouch Jr. human to some degree, something that will allow viewers to connect with her character.

7 Ludo bagman

Ludo bagman

While the removal of Bagman from the movies is fine to an extent, his role still really ties the story together, as Bagman was kept as something of a red herring as the plot made it seem like he might have put Harry’s name on. . in the goblet of fire.

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More than that, Bagman was vital in George and Fred’s story of setting up the Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes as his betrayal of their bet meant that the twins lost their money, prompting Harry to hand over his Tournament of the Winnings to them. Three Magi. Bagman is also an entertaining character who animated the development of the tournament.

6 Peeves the Poltergeist

Peeves is the most memorable of the ghosts found at Hogwarts. While not directly related to the plot, Peeves was part of the Hogwarts identity, being synonymous with the school and bringing the place to life.

Its best use in the TV series may be the parts where Umbridge is being antagonized, as the book showed Peeves doing his best to make sure Umbridge never had a moment of patience after Dumbledore’s firing. Peeves’ exclusion from the movies was understandable due to the short run time, but the TV series has enough wiggle room to accommodate it.

5 Marietta edgecombe

Illustration by Marietta Edgecombe from Pottermore

Marietta is one of the best friends known only to book fans, being the constant companion of Cho Chang, who was the main reason she and Harry broke up. The films unfairly portrayed Cho as the one who reported on the district attorney without his consent and under the influence of Veritaserum.

The TV series can tell the story directly by Marietta forward, who was the traitor in the middle and wanted the Ministry to expel Harry from the school by revealing the existence of the district attorney. It would also be quite a sight to see Hermione’s curse of the word “SNEAK” forming on Marietta’s face.

4 Charlie weasley

By all accounts, the Weasleys are friendly, talented, and generally good, but the problem is that they haven’t been shown in their entirety on screen. Charlie Weasley was only mentioned and lost in the background of a family photo in the movies, with nothing else known about him.

The character’s appearance on the television series may lead to the scenes involving the Hungarian Horntail and Bill’s wedding being done justice. Charlie isn’t important in the books either, but he completes the Weasley family and that’s reason enough for him to appear.

3 Bane the centaur

Centaurs in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

The centaurs’ fight with humans wasn’t fully reflected in the movies, with Firenze being a friend in the first movie, only for the centaurs to go bad in the fifth. Bane was the most aggressive of this group in the books, where he made clear his hatred for humanity.

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For this reason, he is the perfect character to appear on the television series, as his exchanges with Hagrid and Harry made it clear why the centaurs were in trouble. It would also better prepare for the eventual attack by the centaurs on Umbridge, as Bane’s antagonism will be set beforehand.

2 The Gaunts

It’s a surprise that the Gaunts were eliminated from the movie version of Half-Blood Prince, since his role as Voldemort’s family was central to the plot. The TV show can set the scene perfectly for the Gaunts, with their judgmental and dirty ways of life that Harry saw in the Pensieve.

Marvolo Gaunt’s ring was not clearly explained about his connection to the Resurrection Stone and his role as the Horcrux, so the TV series is placed in the position of portraying this for the first time on screen. Of course, Tom Riddle Senior’s enchantment under Merope Gaunt is something that would be interesting to see.

one Alice and Frank Longbottom

A heartbreaking scene involving Neville and his parents was shown in Order of the Phoenix, which the film decided to cut. The movies only showed a picture of Neville’s parents, which doesn’t have the same impact as seeing the poor souls in the flesh.

Harry witnessed Neville’s parents in their permanently mentally disabled state, something that made him realize that Neville had it even worse than he did, as he could never connect with his parents even when they were alive. By bringing these characters to the screen, the television series can really portray Neville’s plight.

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