Harry Potter: Best Harry / Luna Ship Memes

the Harry Potter The series had a lot of canon romances: Ron and Hermione, James and Lily, Harry and Ginny, and more. But as with any series with lots of characters and lots of potential, fans decided to make their own ships, from Hermione and Draco, to Draco and Harry, Hermione and Fred, Lavender and Parvati, Sirius and Remus and Seamus and Dean.

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Although Luna Lovegood was revealed to have married Rolf Scamander, many were heartbroken that she didn’t break up with Neville Longbottom. And then there were those who sent Harry and Luna out, finding their beautiful soft chemistry, organic growth, and shared trauma too difficult to ignore.

10 Rowling and her puns

moon harry

Rowling had established many plots in her novels and had used many puns in her writing, but there might have been a missed opportunity between all of them, as Headcanonsandmore explore in this text post.

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Many of the names revealed something about the characters, such as Voldemort fleeing death, Remus is a werewolf, Sirius is an Animagus whose form is a dog, and Sprout is a professor of Herbology. Is that a jump too far to ensure that Luna Lovegood could have been a reference? The girl whose last name gave some fans hope that Harry would marry her.

9 Ship names

harry luna's ship name

Fans who submit canon and non-canon relationships love to make up their names, and Harry and Luna’s ship has several. There’s Lunarry, putting Luna’s name first, then there’s Huna, putting Harry’s name first. And then, like this meme jokes, Larry.

It’s so unique compared to the other names that it’s a mind-blowing reveal for Harry and Luna’s chargers.

8 Both are seen as different

harry ship and moon

Potterddor has highlighted how special a character like Luna is. He is a person who accepts everyone’s differences, who does not resort to his lower nature when he becomes the object of harassment and cruelty.

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She treats Harry like everyone else, only Harry treats her kindly in return, giving her something she didn’t think she had: friends. Luna accepts their differences and supports Harry, knowing how he feels.

7 Opposite but equal

moon harry ship

Luna and Harry have been through a lot of the same things, they just appeared in different guises, which makes them Peace he sees it, “opposite poles but also exactly the same.” Luna lost her mother at a young age and witnessed her death, while Harry lost his parents as a baby. Luna faced intimidation. They insulted her and kept her away, judged by people who barely knew her.

Harry faced people’s opinions of him every day. He was called a liar, bullied in muggle school, and whispered in wizarding school. They are both unfortunate in their experiences, but their tragedies helped them grow into caring, kind, and strong people.

6 A less obvious canon

mon aharry

Ginny and Harry are the endgame, just like Ron and Hermione are the endgame. But many fans did not like the final couples; they were too obvious, too surprising, just like tokarski35-blog Has mentioned.

Because many of the characters were written with depth and interesting features, it allowed for playful chemistry, possibilities outside of what was written. That is the beauty of unique and developed characters. Anyone could have been with anyone if the author had chosen him.

5 Your consolation

huna polka dots

She was there when Harry saw the Thestrals at the beginning of their fifth year and explained that she saw them too. She was also there at the time of Sirius’s death at the end of his fifth year. Luna’s presence comforted Harry even though he didn’t know it during the conversation. Back at Hogwarts, neither Harry nor Luna had been to the New Years Eve party.

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“I’m sorry about your godfather, Harry,” Luna said, taking Harry’s hand in hers – and there was a moment of silence. Harry asked again if she needed help searching for her possessions, to which she replied, “Okay. Anyway, my mother always said … the things we lose have a way of coming back to us in the end. If not always in the way we hope. ” This Tumblr post explains why Luna and Harry are suitable for each other.

4 Too cute to ignore

moon harry ship

Luna and Harry are two beautiful people. Luna is a kind and capricious Ravenclaw, a person who loves herself and defends herself, a creative intellectual. She is a soft and warm soul who is overlooked due to her seemingly naive appearance.

Harry is a Gryffindor, brave and understanding, funny and persistent, sad and magnificent. It’s no wonder fans send them together. Harry and Luna are endearing characters, never fully understood by those around them, but judged by what can be seen of them. As lovegoodemporium sums up, “I don’t care. I send it.”

3 Harry’s love for Luna

harry luna married

This Tumblr text post places Harry and Luna in a future where they are happily married and Harry has a smartphone. Harry shows a person a photograph of his wife and asks if they have seen her, not because she is missing, but because he wants to show it to his wife.

In a way, this text post is a little fanfiction of Harry and Luna’s relationship. In the series, Harry thought Luna was cool and took her to Slughorn’s dinner. In this text post Harry still thinks Luna is cool, why not?

two A prediction

harry luna meme

Daniel Radcliff was asked in an interview who he thought Harry would end up with. Your answer? Moon. Many fans believe this contributed to Harry’s behavior towards Luna in the movies before the final books and movies made with Ginny as Harry’s love interest were revealed.

Watchmaker brings this out into the open, especially since Radcliff’s performance helped add chemistry to a ship that was unfortunately not meant to be.

1 Nargles

harry luna hp ship

Nargles are creatures that Luna and her father believe exist. Luna mentions them on several occasions, although many think they are not real. Pxnsyparkinscn use this reference to create a sweet and very Luna Lovegood vow for Harry on his wedding day.

“Protect me from the Nargles, Harry Potter.” It can’t get more wonderful, gentle and charming than that.

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