Hellblazer: John Constantine’s 10 Deadliest Enemies (Who Were Only Humans)

John Constantine is not a good guy. He is a con-man, liar, and nihilistic wizard who smokes behind him and gets drunk as he goes from one black magic conspiracy to the next. He definitely does heroic things to help others, exorcising demons and outwitting immortal evils, but he does get many of his friends killed along the way (and he does much worse with his enemies). You know the secrets of the occult, but you are connected with people from all sectors of society.

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While Constantine faces all manner of supernatural threats, many of the English occultist’s worst enemies are human beings. These can be violent criminals, powerful organizations, or other users of magic. But whoever they are, these people are as monstrous as any hell spawn Constantine has ever faced.

10 Papa Midnite

Michael James Shaw as Papa Midnite and Matt Ryan as John Constantine in

Papa Midnite was introduced in the first history of the Hellblazer series in progress. He is a powerful figure and crime boss in New York who uses his magic to enforce his will.

With all his power, he is immortal and was actually born on the 18thth Century, surviving the horrors of the transatlantic slave trade. While he is not reckless in the death he spreads, he is also far from merciful.

9 The family man

One of the most memorable villains in Jamie Delano’s Hellblazer series is Family Man, a serial killer whom John Constantine met by chance through his friend Jerry O’Flynn. O’Flynn, known for being able to get anything he wanted, trafficked everything from drugs to rare magical items. He also helped a serial killer fanatic acquire items directly from the Family Man’s recent deaths, working with the serial killer to obtain them.

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After O’Flynn’s disappearance, Constantine stayed at his friend’s house where he met the father of the family (an old retired cop). The serial killer murdered Constantine’s father, then went after him, only to be shot and killed, the first person Constantine killed.

8 British royal family

How deadly the British Royal Family really is in the modern era is up for debate, and people can cite conspiracy theories just as much as they can cite true facts. But there is a long history that royals oppressed and subjugated people, and no one would deny that they are still very influential.

When Prince Charles (who is never technically named) is possessed by a demon and begins murdering and eating people, Constantine is called in to help exorcise the demon. He manages, but before doing so, he tricks Prince Harry into inhaling the ashes of a dead relative, then punches Harry a bit later.

7 Mr stark


The US prison industrial complex is one of the most horrible places in the real world, which is what makes it such an attractive setting for horror stories. When Constantine is sent to prison in the “Hard Time” story, he encounters the worst monster in the real world that can be found behind bars.

Each of the prison gangs hunts him down, one by one, and he uses magic to defeat each gang. Eventually, Constantine is taken in by Mr. Stark, a criminal serving a life sentence who now runs the prison from the inside, a man feared and respected by everyone else in the place. When Constantine is abused by a prison guard, Stark murders the guard and another convict, then incriminates Constantine.

6 Charlie patterson

Hellblazer.  Charlie patterson

It is not controversial to say that the Nazis are scum. His entire ideology is based on genocide, pseudoscience, a misunderstanding of history and pride in the color of his skin (as if that were the sum of human achievements). Charlie Patterson is the guy the London Nazis respond to. Patterson, a cocky short man with a small mind and a great temperament, is part of the upper layer of English society.

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When Constantine offends his sensibilities, Patterson attempts to have Constantine and his girlfriend Kit murdered and manages to kill one of the occultist’s friends. With an army of skinheads at his service, he is a truly dangerous man.

5 Felix faust

Felix Faust DC Comics

When does a person stop being a human being? This question has plagued philosophers for centuries. DC villain Felix Faust is technically human, or at least he was born as an ordinary human being. With his power sorcery, he has now lived for millennia. That said, he’s still technically just a wizard.

As a powerful user of magic, Faust has all but ended the world and has summoned or made pacts with supernatural horrors, unleashing widespread death on the world. Constantine has been among those who opposed him, and somehow the Englishman survived.

4 The resurrection crusade

Hellblazer.  Resurrection crusade

The Resurrection Crusade is a church that has a pyramid scheme and takes advantage of the vulnerabilities of its members. They also participate in kidnappings and send their members to commit crimes on occasion, although these are largely the exception to their usual behavior. What makes the Resurrection Crusade so dangerous is that they make all the members of their church pray for something at the same time, resulting in a magical ritual that can manifest the prayers.

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In one particularly notable case, a small town in the American Midwest prayed for its children to return home from Vietnam, many years after these boys disappeared. Young men who served in the Vietnam War were transported to their hometown, but did not realize it, and they inflicted on their loved ones the war crimes they had inflicted on the civilians of the country they invaded, spreading death as they went. . they tortured their own families and eventually wiped the city off the map.

3 Terry’s Greaves

Hellblazer.  Terry's Greaves

Mafia boss Terry Greaves is notoriously violent. He is also notoriously overprotective of his daughter, Epiphany, a woman in whom Constantine takes an interest.

In the end, John and Epiphany marry, causing Greaves not to lack fury, but also preventing him from unleashing all his fury on the English occultist. That said, there is no shortage of skeletons in Greaves’ closet … or corpses buried in his backyard.

two The golden child

Hellblazer.  The golden child

Constantine is a twin whose brother died in utero. Known as the Golden Child (or Golden Child, in some cases), the twin was as powerful a wizard as Constantine and manifested in another reality.

His wizard twin tries his best to torment Constantine, using magic to inflict suffering. He even gives John cancer, which is a display of power that is terrifying to behold.

1 Freemasons

Mason logo

As for powerful organizations, few are as far-reaching as Masons. Most of the members are average guys who enjoy a social club that helps them network (and they’re always guys). That said, top-level members frequently hold some of the most influential positions in business and politics.

In the story “The Fear Machine”, a group of Freemasons tries to end the world, using the legal lines of England and performing violent murderous rituals. With the militarized police doing their bidding like their own private army, these are some of Constantine’s most dangerous enemies.

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