How Alice’s relationship with Batwoman will be different in season 2

Ryan Wilder replacing Kate Kane as the Arrowverse’s Batwoman has an impact on a lot of things, especially Batwoman’s relationship with Alice.

With newcomer Ryan Wilder taking the mantle of Batwoman After Kate Kane’s disappearance, it’s safe to say that her relationship with Alice will be decidedly different. Alice, also known by her birth name Beth, is perhaps the most beloved character of the Batwoman series, as her villainous nature is the result of a deeply traumatic childhood, leaving fans rooting for her for revenge and an eventual redemption arc.

But the chances of this potential redemption seem to have been truncated at the end of Batwoman season 1, in which Kate Kane, Alice’s sister, disappears and is left for dead. As Kate was the only person who seemed to have a chance to redeem her deranged brother, her disappearance and possible death will no doubt lead Alice further astray, as season 2 has currently hinted at.

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This is especially true given that her relationship with new Batwoman Ryan Wilder appears to be significantly less positive, given that Alice killed Ryan’s stepmother and role model. Unsurprisingly, Wilder seems to genuinely despise Alice, even trying to kill her in the second episode of season 2. To her credit, Alice doesn’t seem to take any great offense at this, simply noticing the new Batwoman’s intent and how this can change the villain’s game. While there is a chance that Wilder and Alice will emerge from a more bloodthirsty dynamic, especially as Safiyah Sohail appears to potentially be the season’s “true villain” for abducting or killing Kane, it is unlikely that they will ever share the kind of bond. with Kate. and Alice did.

Rachel Skarsten as Alice Batwoman Season 2 Episode 1

But this is not necessarily a bad thing. It has already been repeatedly mentioned in Batwoman season 2 that Kate’s dedication to not killing Alice despite everything she did may have been more due to her family ties to her sister, and her subsequent guilt that Alice was kidnapped and held prisoner for years by August Cartwright without be saved. This is completely understandable, but also something less morally fair than not wanting to murder her simply because doing so would not be right. With this in mind, Ryan can potentially show a stronger moral core than Kate by showing mercy to Alice despite her obvious hatred for the villain.

This could have a surprising effect on Alice, given that season 1 expressly made it clear that very few people have been genuinely kind to her, or suggested that she doesn’t deserve the life of continuous suffering that she went through for so many years. It seems unlikely that saving herself alone will spawn a full redemption arc for Alice, but seeing someone who is not obligated to try to help her for family reasons, and who may actually despise her, still treating her like a human worthy of compassion could provoke something. at Batwoman underdog that fans have been waiting for since his first appearance.

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