How tall is Elsa? & 9 other things you didn’t know about the Arendelle royal family

One of the most popular Disney movies in decades, Frozen It caused a turning point in the storytelling style of the franchise. Presenting the second plot where the brotherhood was highlighted on a love story in a Disney movie. (Lilo and Stitch being the first,) Frozen it became a sensation that received high praise everywhere. The sequel, Frozen 2, had its own share of praise, particularly for its handling of mature subjects.

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With the success of the franchise, Disney gave the green light to many other types of Frozen merchandise, including books, shorts, stuffed animals, perfumes, and more. As the franchise expanded and its popularity continued to rise, more details about the world and the Arendelle royal family emerged.

10 Elsa is tall (5’7 “) while Anna is of average height (5’5”)

According to Frozen director, Jennifer Lee, Elsa is approximately 5’7 “, while Anna is an average of 5’5”. Lee admits that she may be off a couple of inches since their heights are from her memory, but remember that these are the correct measurements for the sisters.

It can be difficult to tell in the movies which sister is taller, especially since Elsa’s hair tends to be in her signature braid and has quite a bit of volume. However, there are some occasions when the height difference is more obvious, such as Elsa and Anna chatting while sporting their crowning hairstyles.

9 Elsa and Anna’s birthdays are important (Elsa was born on the winter soltice and Anna on the summer one)

Elsa with winter background and Anna with sunset background Frozen 2 Disney Movie

According to Lee, Elsa was born on the winter solstice, while Anna was born on the summer solstice. This actually makes perfect sense, as Elsa has an obvious connection to winter through her powers, but she also takes longer to adapt to people and is more introverted. Anna, on the other hand, embodies summer with her brightly colored outfits and warm, bubbly personality.

Being so different from each other also helps balance the girls, with Anna’s outgoing nature supporting Elsa’s introvert, and Elsa’s no-nonsense keeping Anna grounded.

8 Jennifer Lee is the mother of Elsa and Anna

Queen Iduna With Elsa And Anna As Children Frozen 2 Disney Movie

At Frozen film, Queen Iduna was not overly developed, as the film focused on the stories of Elsa and Anna. Iduna’s character wouldn’t be developed in detail until the second movie. In fact, Iduna only has one line in the first Frozen movie, and this line is delivered by Jennifer Lee, which means that the director literally became Elsa and Anna’s mother for a time.

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When the second film was developed, it became clear that Iduna would need her own voice. With this in mind, auditions began for her part and eventually Evan Rachel Wood stepped into Iduna’s shoes. However, the first movie will always have that special connection between the queen and her creator.

7 Sisters were born at opposite times of the day

Anna's Birthday Cake from Frozen Fever Movie Disney

When asked at what time of day each of the sisters was bornLee replied that Elsa was born at 9:33 am, while Anna was an afternoon baby at 1:16 pm Given the personalities of the two sisters, these times feel appropriate.

Elsa, with her serious personality and dedication to completing her tasks, would naturally be a morning person, giving her plenty of time to attend to her tasks during the day. Anna, on the other hand, has proven to the universe that she enjoys sleeping and often needs someone to wake her up.

6 The relationship between Elsa and Anna reflects the director’s own family dynamics

Elsa and Anna hugging from Disney's Frozen

While fans theorize about the possibility of other siblings, Elsa and Anna’s strongest relationship is with each other. Your special bond actually has real-world ties to Jennifer Lee and her sister. According to a New York Times interview with Lee, she is like Anna, and her older sister, Amy, is her Elsa. Lee describes his younger self as a “dreamy mess and a Tasmanian devil”, while his sister, Amy, was “the one in charge” and “a top student.”

During the production of FrozenLee’s relationship with her sister greatly influenced the dynamic between Elsa and Anna. Perhaps that is why the relationship between the two sisters feels authentic.

5 The sisters have performed the Myers-Briggs test

Elsa and Anna outside at sunset in Disney's Frozen 2 Movie

The Myers-Briggs® Type Indicator ranks an individual based on their unique traits, such as introversion versus extroversion, ultimately yielding a four-letter result that represents a personality type. As part of the process of understanding the characters, the Frozen The team took the test as Anna and Elsa. to find your personality types and used those results to guide his planning.

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Elsa’s official title is INFJ, called The Advocate, making her an altruistic and goal-oriented introvert, while Anna’s official title is ENFP, the activist, making her an energetic and charismatic extrovert. Both results feel very appropriate for sisters who are opposites in terms of personality but have the same core values.

4 Iduna had a sweet tooth

Queen Iduna leaves the bedroom in Disney's Frozen 2 movie

Despite having a more important role in Frozen 2Not much is known about Anna and Elsa’s parents. Of the few facts in the canon, the only known facts about Iduna are that she was Northuldran and that as a result, she has a special connection to spirits. However, other Frozen-related materials have started to change this. In the book Anna and Elsa’s End of Winter Festival, Queen Iduna’s birthday is revealed just before Winter turns into Spring, and her daughters are planning a Winter’s End celebration to honor her memory.

Elsa reveals to Anna that Iduna’s favorite part of the festival was always the sweets made especially for the day. Apparently his daughters aren’t the only ones who like sweets!

3 Both sisters are adults at the beginning of the first movie

The Coronation of Elsa Frozen Disney Movie

Elsa’s age is an important plot point in the first Frozen movie, as she must be 21 before she can become queen. However, unlike the vast majority of Disney princesses, his sister Anna is also an adult in the first film, although young at 18.

The royal sisters break Disney’s tradition of centering their stories on teenagers like Snow White, Jasmine, Mulan, and Aurora, among many others. The second film widens this gap, as it takes place three years later Frozen, which makes Elsa and Anna 24 and 21, respectively.

2 Anna’s journey is about overcoming codependency

Anna The Next Right Thing Song from Frozen 2 Disney Movie

Praised by Kristen Bell and retweeted by Jennifer Lee, Courtney Enlow wrote an article about Anna’s trip in Frozen 2 to overcome his codependency on his older sister, Elsa. Anna has always wanted a relationship with her sister, and her entire life was shaped around Elsa’s journey, Elsa’s powers, and Elsa’s happiness and safety. Anna’s life effectively became Elsa’s. For this reason, when Elsa is taken away and Anna finds herself alone, she struggles to move on.

Your song, The next right thing describes your thoughts and feelings beautifully. As she goes one step at a time and breaks the viewer’s heart in the process, Anna embodies the struggles of many people and gives them hope that they, too, will be able to move on.

1 Elsa promotes mental health awareness

Elsa and the Nokk in Frozen 2 Disney Movie

Like Anna, Elsa also represents a very important and all too often taboo subject: mental health. In the original Frozen movie, Elsa shows signs of depression, as well as many signs of anxiety. When asked directly if Elsa suffered from anxiety and depression, Lee replied that those trends were purposely included, from Elsa’s word choice to her body language.

As Elsa runs away from Arendelle and sings her popular hit, Let it goNot only does her outfit change, but her body language changes and Elsa goes from shy to confident. The second film explores this theme further as Elsa accepts who she is and learns to accept herself. Elsa’s determination in the face of adversity has made her a great role model for anyone who has ever struggled with their own mental health.

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