How to create a club in the clubhouse

Getting started with Clubhouse involves getting used to lounges and clubs, and while joining a room is fairly easy, creating a club isn’t that easy.

Club house It is still a new service and this means that some things are a bit more difficult to do than others, as starting a club is a good example. Despite its popularity, Clubhouse remains in a beta state and this has resulted in limited or reduced access to a number of the app’s features, as well as who can access the service to begin with.

Clubhouse is a bit different from other social media and networking apps as it focuses more on audio conversations between users rather than text and image posts. These conversations take place inside the lounges and the lounges are often located inside the clubs. Therefore, understanding how clubs work and how they are set up is important for anyone who wants to get more involved in the Clubhouse.

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At this time, users cannot just start a club. Instead, Clubhouse is taking a very moderate approach where you have to manually approve all club requests that are made. Because of this, Clubhouse currently prioritizes users joining existing clubs rather than starting their own, but for anyone still looking to start their own, you’ll need to complete this clubhouse shape and wait for the team to review and approve the request. The company explains that it is working on ways to automate the approval process, as well as an option to create a self-service club. However, it is not known when any of these options will be available to users.

What to know before applying for a club

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While it is possible for users to create their own clubs, there are a few things to consider before applying. First, with a manual application and approval system in place, it could take some time before a new club application is approved. The Clubhouse application form specifically highlights this point, stating that it is experiencing “an unusually high volume of club applications. “In addition, that priority for new clubs will be given to users”who have already hosted a weekly show 3 times. “Therefore, users can increase their chances of getting a new club application approved by being more active in existing clubs and by getting more involved with hosting.

Another aspect to keep in mind is that Clubhouse currently limits the number of clubs that each user can start, although there is some contradiction here. For example, Clubhouse officially states that it is limiting clubs to one per user. However, the application form suggests that each user can create two clubs. Either way, the bottom line is that users are severely limited in the number of clubs they can request and create.

Although there are limitations on who can start a club, how many clubs each user can create, and how long it can take for a new club to be approved, the process is likely to change and improve over time as the service slowly comes out of beta. . Express. Clubhouse explains that the ultimate goal is to add the self-service clubs feature to the app, and once this happens, users will be able to “instantlyā€¯Create a new club.

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