Hunter X Hunter: 10 times Gon tried too hard (and paid for it)

In many ways, Gon Freecss is your typical anime protagonist. Altruistic, kind, and relentless in his quest to save others, Gon is universally loved and admired. While it’s cliché, his never-die attitude is one factor that makes Gon so attractive. You never know when to quit smoking, pushing yourself physically and mentally to overcome difficulties. And fans of the show love that.

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But unlike some protagonists who always outmaneuver their opponent (you know who you are), Gon often pays for trying. Throughout the anime, the lovable hunter broke his bones, doubted his abilities, and stared death in the face. hunter X hunter sends a message that sometimes the good guy doesn’t always win.

10 The Dodgeball game

Razor Holding Dodgeball - Hunter X Hunter

An iconic segment of the glittering Greed Island arc, the nen-powered dodgeball match saw Gon, Hisoka, Bisky, and Killua take on master nen Razor. Throughout the match, Gon and Killua strive to reach new heights, mastering nen control and energy production to finally defeat Razor (with a small dose of Hisoka’s help). However, after constantly releasing massive amounts of aura, Gon faints, as a result of pushing too hard. Furthermore, Gon’s refusal to surrender resulted in serious injury to Killua’s hands.

9 Gon meets Mike, Zoldyck’s watchdog

Mike Zoldyck-HXH

When fans think of Gon’s ruthlessness, it is usually associated with combat and training. However, sometimes Gon’s curiosity gets the better of him and the young hunter pushes until he has his way. During the Zoldyck Family arc, Gon and his friends attempt to visit Killua. There are two ways to enter the Zoldyck residence, lifting the extremely heavy doors or taking the side entrance.

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The group is warned that the side entrance is guarded by a dangerous beast, but Gon insists that it is fine as all animals love him. Gon comes face to face with Mike, a beast who is trained to protect the Zoldycks and is a danger to anyone else. Terrified, Gon regrets being too aggressive and realizes that Mike is not a normal animal.

8 Gon vs Genthru (The Bomber)

Genthru grabs Gon's arms - Hunter X Hunter

This battle with epic. A memorable moment on Greed Island, Gon confronts Genthru, a bomb-maker nen user responsible for the deaths of several hunters. Although talented, Gon is not quite on Genthru’s level, remaining on the defensive for much of the fight. Rejecting a plan formulated by Killua, Gon wants to teach Genthru a lesson for his actions. And the hunter manages to do this, defeating Genthru but losing an arm in the process. If it weren’t for a rare healing card offered to Gon, the hunter would be permanently without an arm.

7 Gon vs. Gido

Gido fighting Gon in Heavens Arena

After reaching the top floor of the Heavens Arena, Gon quickly learns the basics of nen to pass the test posed by Hisoka. However, with a very limited understanding of how to use nen, Gon is seen as an easy victory for many of the top floor competitors. Gido challenges Gon immediately and, although informed of the dangers, Gon accepts. The young prodigy is outmatched throughout the fight, dodging some attacks but unable to consistently defend his opponent’s nen-infused spinners. At the end of the fight, Gon is defeated and suffers a broken arm in the process.

6 Gon confronts Hanzo

Hanzo Hunter Exam

This fight perfectly encapsulated Gon’s character. The final stage of the Hunters exam required each individual to defeat their opponent. Gon fights first and his opponent is Hanzo, a shinobi trained from birth in the way of the ninja. It’s clear from the first few seconds that Gon is outgunned. Hanzo breaks his arm, his ribs, and warns Gon that if he doesn’t give up, he will suffer more. Although Hanzo knows a thousand ways to make an opponent surrender, Gon’s stubborn attitude and natural sympathy attract Hanzo, who decides to admit defeat. Gon passes the exam (as does Hanzo eventually) but receives treatment for several broken bones.

5 Gon vs. Hisoka

Hunter X Hunter Hisoka vs. Gon

Hisoka is one of the strongest characters in the hunter X hunter universe, which possesses the dominance of its nen to accompany the lust for blood. Since meeting Hisoka, Gon has longed to fight him, but remained aware of the power gap between them. During his nen training, Gon gains confidence in his abilities and decides to challenge the sadistic clown. As expected, Gon is outmatched, but manages to land a punch before losing the fight. There were no serious injuries as a result of the crash, but Gon was well aware that Hisoka could have killed him had he wanted to.

4 Gon faces the ghost company

Ghost Company Hunter X Hunter

The Phantom Troupe is a criminal organization made up of immensely powerful and sociopathic nen users. Despite knowing this, Gon ends up colliding with the Company several times during the New York City Arc. Gon, along with Killua, is captured not once but twice and comes dangerously close to revealing Kurapika’s identity. Throughout the arc, the pair escape death and play a role in a plan that ends with the death of a member of the Troupe. Gon and Killua leave Yorknew with their lives still intact, but their association with the Company could come back to haunt them.

3 Gon vs. Neferpitou

Neferpitou was a monster unlike any other Gon had ever faced. He possessed an inhuman amount of nen, second only to the Chimera Ant King. Their very presence sent Knov, an experienced hunter, into a nervous breakdown. The chimera ant comfortably defeated Kite, and his power was assessed to be greater than Netero’s.

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When Gon came face to face with the ant, his strength could not be compared. But driven by anger and revenge, Gon sacrificed years of his life in exchange for power to defeat Neferpitou. He got revenge for Kite’s death but nearly lost his own life in the process.

two Gon vs. Knuckle

To join the Chimera Ant extermination team, Gon was asked to defeat a current member of the team and an expert hunter. Knuckle was skilled with nen and his abilities exceeded Gons. Of course, this didn’t stop Gon from accepting the challenge. It never does. Gon fights hard and annoys Knuckle. But Knuckle uses his APR ability, draining Gon of his nen and emerging victorious. As a result of Gon pushing too hard, the young prodigy runs out of nen for 30 days, relying on Killua for his protection.

1 Gon vs. Netero

Issac Netero from Hunter X Hunter praying in battle

Netero’s strength was a mystery to most of the anime. Fans knew that he was the president of the hunters association, which implied that he possessed some power. But her age and seemingly clueless demeanor made viewers question her abilities. However, after challenging Gon and Killua, viewers understood that Netero was not a joke.

None of the prodigies that use nen could touch Netero. Killua realizes this early on and retreats, choosing to reserve his energy instead. But Gon refuses, spending the entire night trying to defeat Netero. He successfully lands a punch on the president, but is left exhausted by the rest of the Hunters exam.

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