Jinx’s canceled James Bond spinoff plot reveals scrapped origin story

The script for a canceled 2003 James Bond spinoff movie by Neal Purvis and Robert Wade has been revealed that tells Giacinta “Jinx” Johnson.

The plot of a canceled 2003 James Bond spin-off called Jinx details the origin story of NSA agent Giacinta “Jinx” Johnson. In 2002, the Bond franchise was about to say goodbye to one of the less popular 007s in the series, Pierce Brosnan. Die another day marked Brosnan’s fourth and final outing, and at the time, the series needed a lot of new blood.

It was uncertain how the long-running franchise was going to be reinvented, but for many, it felt like the end of an era was near. James Bond, the classic Ian Fleming character who had been through an untold number of life-threatening moments, seemed to have reached his peak. Reduced to silly tricks like driving an invisible car, the Bond movies had started to feel like they were simply going through the motions of evolution without doing any actual evolution. The time for a major change had definitely come, and between 2002 and 2006, a major restructuring of the franchise took place. During that time, many different ideas and concepts were undoubtedly considered, but in the end it was Daniel Craig’s introduction as Bond and a more straightforward and straightforward approach that won out.

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Thanks to @ 007inLA Twitter account, however, Bond fans can now take a look at one of the options for change that occurred in 2003. Screenwriters Neal Purvis and Robert Wade, now synonymous with the successful direction in which the franchise ended up going Bond, they had written a spinoff script that told the origin story of Halle Berry Die another day character, Jinx. The basic plot has been broken down by @ 007inLA, with more script highlights promised in the coming days:

Based on recent tweets, it is clear that Jinx was orphaned during her childhood when a bomb killed her parents. After being taken under the wing of “tough career spy” Damien Falco, Jinx finally grows up and begins working for a think tank called The Rand Corporation. She remains in close contact with Falco and eventually agrees to do work for him. From the looks of it, the script has the typical Bond cues, but ultimately, it was dismissed as a legitimate possibility. It’s unclear if the original plan had been to bring Halle Berry back as the character, but it’s certainly interesting to see that a project like this has been considered since 2003.

In the end, there is no direct answer as to why Jinx It was scrapped, but one reason could be that the spinoff still seems to contain the kind of cliches and somewhat hackneyed storytelling that made the Brosnan Bond era so bland. There is still plenty of reason to believe that a female-led Bond spin-off could happen in the future, but the solid lack of popularity of 007 movies like Die another day He suggested that it was better to save the concept for another time.

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Source: @ 007inLA

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