Kevin Feige is opposed to the hybrid release of ‘Black Widow’, but will Disney cancel it?

As 2021 progresses and the release of the COVID-19 vaccine continues, the big question in Hollywood is whether or not we will have a summer movie season. When it became clear that the distribution of the vaccine would take longer than originally planned due to the incompetence of the previous presidential administration, some studios began to move their films from spring 2021 to fall or even 2022. But now everyone is looking towards May, that traditionally the beginning of the summer movie season, and specifically Marvel’s Black widow and Universal’s F9, which were originally supposed to be released in spring 2020.


Some have suggested that Disney could implement a hybrid launch strategy to Black widow, putting it in theaters but also putting it on the Disney + streaming service, either for free or as part of their “Premier Access” program that charges a $ 29.99 fee to view it. But a report from Variety notes that the president and creative director of Marvel Studios Kevin Feige is opposed to this type of release strategy: He strongly believes in an exclusive theatrical release for Black widow it’s the best course of action (and you’re right).

But Feige still responds to Disney, the company that will eventually launch Black widow, and while the head of Marvel Studios clearly has a ton of influence within the company, they might as well decide they want some profit now rather than more profit later.

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Vaccines are currently distributed throughout the United States, but most states are still in Phase 1 of their plans, being distributed to older age groups. While we recently received good news that the available doses expected for June will arrive a month early, it still looks like it will be summer before most of the population is vaccinated.

Of course, the big question when it comes to theatrical distribution is when theaters will reopen in Los Angeles and New York, two areas that are key to maximizing profits, and two cities that are struggling to distribute the vaccine to their huge populations. . Variety reports that Disney has three to four weeks to decide what to do with Black widow – release it exclusively in theaters in May, release it in theaters and on Disney + in May, or delay its release until summer or fall.

The latter option would have another ripple effect on Marvel’s movie roster, as they are also scheduled for release. Shang-Chi and the ten rings in July and Eternal in November, with Sony on track to launch the third Spiderman movie in December. The Marvel Cinematic Universe is a carefully constructed timeline of events, and although the only change to the release order in 2020 was the debut of the television series. WandaVision prior to The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, switching one more time in 2021 could cause a jam with Sony Spiderman movie, as Sony doesn’t necessarily have to agree to Disney’s request if Disney wants or needs to move its movies again.

Then what will happen? As has been the case for a solid year, we don’t know exactly. Variety says the reason for a hybrid release Black widow It hasn’t been announced yet, it’s partly due to Feige’s belief that an exclusive theatrical release is better, so it seems to suggest that Mouse House is leaning towards a hybrid release.

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As for F9Universal is fully committed to a theatrical release according to Variety, which means the film could be delayed until this summer, later this year, or 2022 entirely. Universal brands tonne of money around the world since Fast and Furious franchise and there are no spin-offs or sequels currently in production to juggle, so you’re in no rush to get F9 at Peacock at the cost of losing box office profits.

A lot can happen in three weeks, and we will also have a much clearer idea of ​​the vaccine implementation schedule. Theatrical is obviously the ideal setting here, but money talks, and Disney has made it clear that Disney + is their number one priority for years to come. So don’t be surprised if Disney suddenly announces next month that Scarlett johnanssonThe long-awaited spin-off will be available on Disney + the same day it hits theaters.

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