Kid Cosmic refers to a classic Marvel cartoon

The new series from the creator of The Powerpuff Girls may have dropped a reference to the Fantastic Four.

Cosmic child is the whimsical new cartoon created by Craig MacCracken, who is most notable for creating Powerpuff Girls Y Foster’s home for imaginary friends. Kid Cosmic is a beautiful tribute to classic comics with an animated art style and poignant characters, along with an overall story that builds a detailed world. Cosmic child It also pays homage to a long-forgotten Marvel cartoon from the 1970s with a subtle reference to younger audiences not thinking twice.

In Cosmic childMacCracken once again tackles the story of children with powers as the main character, Kid Cosmic, discovers five cosmic rings that possess the possessor with superpowers. During the pilot episode “Kid Cosmic and The Rings of Power”, Kid is filmed testing the green ring (flight) to try to unlock his powers. Using what he knows from the comics, Kid tries a variety of actions and gestures to try to activate it, but is unsuccessful in his many attempts. Then test the code words as a possible theory, mimicking heroes like Shazam. Kid yells a variety of phrases and even scrolls through the comics to find strange language that could be the key to unlocking the power of the ring. This eventually leads him to utter the phrase “Ring! Do your thing!”

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This scene is reminiscent of the test of power scene in Sam Raimi Spiderman where Peter tries different gestures and keywords to try to activate his website. After finding failure in the comic book lore, the new heroes are forced to go beyond their comic book knowledge to find their own switch. As Peter discovers his hand gesture, Kid tries meditation and gains the ability to fly. However, Kid’s use of “Ring! Do your thing!” could be a reference to the ill-received 1979 Hanna-Barbera cartoon The thing.

The thing saw Ben Grimm from the Fantastic Four turn into a teenager and revert to his human form. Although surprised by this turn of events, he ends up trying to live a more normal life, no longer shackled by the permanence of being The Thing. However, a hero is still a hero, so when injustices come to his town, Ben becomes The Thing by hitting two rings and uttering the phrase “Thing Ring, do your thing.” as rocks begin to form around his body.

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While Kid does not gain the power to become The Thing, he still struggles with problems similar to Ben Grimm’s after receiving his own powers. Gifted with powers he cannot control and seen as a threat to others, Kid still has the kindest heart and is always a hero in the end. Kid cosmic’s The reference to The Thing is perfectly appropriate in this situation and speaks to the multi-faceted layers of his character.

Cosmic child is currently streaming on Netflix.

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