King in black: another poison just created its own symbiote dragon

In Venom, an ally of Spider-Man has just given Knull’s army of dragons a new competition, and they are as fierce as symbiotes of the god’s forces.

WARNING: The following contains the main spoilers for Venom # 33 by Donny Cates, Iban Coello, Jesus Aburtov, and VC’s Clayton Cowles, now on sale.

Marvel world King in black The crossover has been brimming with living darkness, whose most iconic form has quickly become Knull’s symbiote dragons. These monstrous beasts have been making appearances almost every step of the way throughout the dark god saga, and to great effect. Not only are the dragons wreaking havoc across the world, but deep within the hive, they are keeping an eye on symbiotes whose connection has been severed.

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But in Poison # 33, a former Venom, Flash Thompson is about to create his own giant monster race.

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Eddie Brock is dead, or at least most of him is. It still exists as a codex within the hive, and has found some friends within to help it figure things out. Along with Rex Strickland and Flash Thompson, also dead, Eddie watches as the situation is as bleak as possible, but things turn for the better when Eddie’s son Dylan joins the fight. Using his powers, Dylan burns the symbiotes, stripping them of their connection to Knull. This creates a tear for the three heroes to enter the center of the hive itself. There they find the symbiotes no longer under Knull’s influence, all of them imprisoned and guarded by living soldiers and dragons loyal to Knull. Flash knows as well as Eddie that freeing those symbiotes is his best chance to escape, so he launches himself to shoot.

In his full Anti-Venom Agent form, Flash slides off the cliff, savagely firing at the symbiotes in front of him. Flash does not see the symbiote dragon coming behind him, and the dragon rips off his left arm with its claws, causing him to drop both weapons. With one last play from Hail Mary, Flash fires a grenade right into the center of the imprisoned symbiotes, and when it explodes, Knull feels it to the core. The dark god screams in pain as Flash gloats from his place on the ground, just before the hero is hit by a flood of living darkness. Eddie watches with a twinkle in his eyes and a smile on his face as Flash’s eyes glow red with the dark circles synonymous with Knull’s army. It seems horrible, but Flash is about to have the best time of his life in death. Emerge from the crawling mass of mud as a glowing white Anti-Venom dragon.

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This isn’t the first time readers have seen one of Knull’s own forces turn against him, as Tony Stark used Extremis to great effect by claiming one of the winged beasts as his own. This is the first time that someone other than Knull has successfully created their own dragon from raw living darkness, let alone an anti-dragon. me

Even with Knull now keenly aware of what the heroes are doing within God Hive, the Flash might have found a way to escape back to the land of the living, at least as much as Codex can. Even if that’s not the case, the chance for a symbiote versus anti-symbiote, dragon versus dragon showdown is well worth the fanfare thus far.

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