KUWTK: Lamar Odom Advises Kanye About Kim Kardashian Divorce Rumors

Former Keeping Up With The Kardashians star Lamar Odom offers Kanye West some advice amid divorce rumors with Kim Kardashian.

As the ex-father-in-law of the Kardashian-Jenner family, Lamar Odom knows first-hand what it’s like to go through a divorce with one of the famous sisters. the keeping up with the Kardashians The student recently offered his advice to Kanye West amid increased speculation about the status of his marriage and that of Kim Kardashian. Divorce is rumored to be “imminent” for the couple.

Lamar was married to Khloe Kardashian for four years before the two decided to leave him. The former couple eloped just a month after meeting in 2009. But after a series of incidents of cheating by Lamar, and her struggles with substance abuse, Khloé decided to end her marriage. In the years that followed, Lamar suffered a near fatal drug overdose, and Khloé sat by his bed. Their divorce ended in 2016, a year after their accident. But in that time, he was seen spending time with family and Kanye West. The rap / fashion mogul even brought Lamar to his Yeezy NYFW performance.

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Since Lamar has such close ties to the family of reality stars, he was asked what he thought about Kim and Kanye’s current marital problems that are filling the press. During your recent visit to The Wendy Williams Show, the NBA champion gave his friend Kanye some advice amid all the rumors. “Keep God first and always do the best for yourself,Lamar said after Wendy asked him what he thought about the news. The talk show host had just shared one of his “favorite stories” about Kanye and Lamar when the rapper played music for the former professional athlete and helped him come out of a coma. “He used to play me his music after I came out of that coma,“Lamar shared. “So I always have great respect for him for that.”

Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom

The former LA Lakers player continued to mention the importance of mental health during the ongoing pandemic. “You always have to do the best for yourself “ He explained. “Especially right now when you can’t even get out. So mental health is really important.” The mention of mental health appeared to be a reference to the rapper as he remains in seclusion as reports continue to fill the press with claims that “divorce is imminent“Between the superstar couple. More recently it was said that Kim and Kanye are”completely done and no more talking “ with rapper “Stronger” reportedly removing his belongings from Kim’s home.

Kim and Kanye have chosen to remain silent on the reports, further fueling speculation from fans about their potential marriage problems. The KKW Beauty founder has not been seen with her husband since late last year.

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Source: The Wendy Williams Show

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